When the wedding planner becomes the bride

It is all going well on your life, you’re a hard-working wedding planner and, suddenly, you get engaged and must plan your own wedding. How does that work? How do wedding planners deal with that?

The wedding planner Judy Amado has not only been a bride and a planner 15 years ago, but also been mother of the bride and wedding planner three years ago. “I got married in the catholic church with my husband. On the other hand, three years ago, I was a mother of the bride and wedding planner. We’ve celebrated my daughter’s wedding in NYC”, says Judy.

For the wedding planner Cindy Posadas, it took some time to notice that she was planning her own wedding. “To be honest, it was very weird. At the beginning, it felt like a normal wedding when suddenly it hit me it was my ow wedding – that day that I have dreamed about since I saw the first wedding dress when I was a kid. It made everything harder than I thought. So we decided not to do something that we have done with clients before and go to Lake Atitlan with our crew – only family and closest friends”, tells Cindy.

The wedding planner Joyce Mnguni enjoyed being a bride. “Especially because I knew exactly what I wanted. I was busy planning everybody else’s  weddings that I left mine to the last. I planned everything and had a coordinator. It was just easier that way”, remembers Joyce.

Pilú Delgado wasn’t that lucky. “I’ve tried hiring someone and had to fire her. In my opinion, she wasn’t doing anything. I ended up doing everything myself in a destination wedding from Guatemala to Spain”, says Pilú.

Is it important to get help from other planners?

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Judy believes that it is essential to have another wedding planner or coordinator. “Because I am a true believer in the advantages of having a wedding planner to enjoy the celebration, I’ve hired a young starting professional. This gave me the opportunity to share my knowledge without the stress of carrying the production of my celebration. It was perfect. Everyone needs and deserves a wedding planner for that special day. So I always tell my clients that I hired a wedding planner for me and for my daughter’s wedding. In both cases, a young bright upcoming wedding planner”, tells Judy.

On her wedding, Cindy wanted her wedding planner friends to be able to enjoy the wedding, but now she regrets that decision. “But if I could make time go back I would totally bug them with helping me a lot more with the wedding. You want everything perfect and  it makes harder to enjoy the best day of your life. I’ve practically made the owner of the Hotel a wedding planner for myself – I know this is something that I don’t recommend to anyone, but in my case it worked ”, she says.

Dealing with vendors

For Cindy, one of the biggest challenges was to deal with other vendors. “We decided to use local vendors at Atitlan so trusting in the new vendors was hard since I was a little bit picky and they looked at me as a hard client from the first sight. Now I can say we are close friends and we visit them each anniversary since we got married. My husband is a wedding photographer so that definetly was a big challenge. We decided to make a tour before the wedding with the local photographer to show him all that we wanted – knowing what you want makes vendors’ work easier and helps you to enjoy everything”, suggests Cindy.

Less expectations

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One big advantage of being wedding planner and bride is to have less expectations over the wedding. “Something that gave me a lot of peace was knowing that no one else (guests) would notice if something didn’t go the way we’ve planned”, ponders Cindy.

“As a wedding planner and a bride, you don’t expect your wedding planner to hide any problems or situations that can be solved among both of you. This bride needs to be treated as a partner not to be protected from situations that always arise in a wedding unexpectedly. She needs to know about it”, argues Judy.

Being a bride helps to become a better wedding planner?

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Cindy believes that being a bride really helps to understand the clients. “Sometimes, we focus on the program, the vendors and the big things and forget to ask the bride how she is doing, giving them beverages, food or a drink to relief stress. Details matter a lot and, at the end of the day, that’s what you’ll remember: that moment when you were stressed and someone came in and saved the day”, advises Cindy.

For Judy, being a bride does put a lot of things into a realistic perspective. “Also being the mother of the bride confirmed and demystified a lot of situations”, she says.

“It totally helps because you understand how important becomes everything and helps you to understand how to work with the family around the bride and groom. It shows you a different point of view than we usually do and makes you feel more responsible to make everything happen”, concludes Cindy.

Have you experienced being a bride and a wedding planner at the same time?

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