What you need to know about Destination Weddings in Malta

Destination Weddings in Malta


  • What people should know about the local culture? What is the money currency that you have in Malta?

Malta, one of the smallest countries of the European Union, is composed of 5 islands, Malta being the biggest island 27km long and 14km wide.

430,000 people living in 316 km squared, ranks us the 5th country in the world when it comes to population density.

Historically speaking Malta has been always dominated by the biggest power of the time starting from the Phoenicians, Arabs, Romans, The Knights of Malta, The French under the reign of Napoleon and finally but not least we were a British Colony from 1800 up until 1979, when the last British boats left the Maltese Harbours.

Currently, The Republic of Malta is a completely independent country, however still forms part of Commonwealth.

Generally speaking the Maltese are patriotic and they manifest their love to Malta very proudly.

The family is considered as one of the strongest pillars of society and this is also due to the fact that Malta is highly catholic.

Malta joined the EU in 2014 and the € currency in 2018.

Even though Malta is small, however historically speaking it is very deep, to the extent that we consider our country as an open air museum due to the big number of historical sites spread all over the islands.


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  • What are the best places to get married in Malta

The best places to get married in Malta are raw venues which make it so unique, because let’s face it, why travel to Malta together with your family and friends and then get married beside a hotel’s pool, when within 15-20 minutes by car you have a huge selection of historical venues, gardens with breathtaking views, Sandy beaches and other unique palaces and chateaux which can make your big day so remarkable.

As a destination wedding planner we excel in bringing out the best of these venues to our couples.


  • If you need to “sell” your country to a future couple that is thinking about a destination wedding, what would you say to them?

1. First and foremost, since English is an official language there isn’t the need to do any translation of documents (if they are already in English), since the English language is an official language. This will save us a lot of time on bureaucratic issues and also money since no translators are needed neither for the paperwork preparation nor on the wedding day for the translation of the celebrant script, since the ceremony is done in English.

2. The legal paperwork is not complex and the civil wedding held in Malta is recognized all over Europe, so once back home one doesn’t need to get married again.

3. Favorable weather all throughout the year, enjoying yearly 300 days of sunshine.

4. Malta is very easily accessible from practically all 4 corners of the world, so the guests will definitely not find any difficulty to reach our destination.

5. We have access to unique venues like historical museums, public gardens, palaces, castles, beaches and other unique venues that will mark your guests already upon arrival.

6. It is a very safe country  so very ideal to travel with family, not to mention that there is a lot of kids activities and attractions, that one can do to keep the kids busy during their stay in Malta.

7. Malta still offers very attractive prices compared to other countries, maintaining at the same time a high quality level.

8. The local tourism infrastructure such as hotels, transportation, caterers, florists and other wedding related services are of very high standard and will definitely not disappoint the couple and its family.

9. The distances in Malta are so small that no time is lost in transferring the wedding party from one venue to another, to the extent that nowadays couples are opting a lot for a 2-venue wedding… meaning having the civil ceremony in one venue and then move on to a second venue for the actual reception.

10. Last but not least, we at I DO KNOT will guide the couple all throughout the whole process and with our bespoken weddings we will definitely create memories. Behind our wedding planners, there is a team of 6 other people in our team that help us make the couple’s day a reality.


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  • What are you proud of your country that you would love people to see or have the experience?

I think by now you have realized how much I love my country 🙂

First and Foremost, even though Malta is a very small (Let’s not forget that we are speaking about a country 10 times smaller than a city like Paris), you can find everything and of good quality… designer florist, excellent photographers and videographers, caterers that can go make your taste buds go wild, venues with breathtaking views, genuine local produce like wine and beers, hotels infrastructure and we can keep on mentioning.

For years Malta has had this image of being just a sun and sea destination, however as soon as one lands in Malta, he/ she will find out that Malta is much more than that with all the historical sites that we have. We have the word “history” written all over the place… with unique settings like the citadel of Mdina, that is built on a hilltop in the centre of the island, which can offer us the perfect backdrop for a very unique and unforgettable wedding.

And what about Valletta? The capital city of Malta and also the European Capital of Culture for 2018. Just within the capital, we have a choice of 19 churches to offer to our couples, unique historical venues like the old treasury of the knights, the Sacra Infermeria, the Baracca Gardens and many others.

Something which I am also very proud of, is the unique identity that Malta has managed to built along its history, within the 4 walls of a kitchen. Our country has always been considered as a melting pot of cultures… however I believe that due to our very central geographical position, Malta has create a very creative mix of European and North African cuisine… something which really one needs to taste once over here.


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  • How people should behave in a wedding in Malta? There is a special ceremony that people are used to having during the weddings?

To be honest there aren’t any guidelines or rules on how one should behave in a wedding in Malta, however as wedding planners we like to highlight the fact to be adequately dressed especially in the case of a religious wedding taking place in a church.

A very small but yet sweet ceremony that takes place normally during a religious ceremony is the lighting of the unity candles… whereby the couple each holding a small candle, light up their respective candles from a big candle which represents God,

At the end of the church ceremony, once outside, couple also tend to opt for the release of 2 white doves.


  • Is it expensive or cheap to get married in Malta ? Tell us a little bit more about that?

I would stay that it is neither expensive nor cheap, because it mainly depends on the couple’s budget, however when you do a price comparison between service rendered in Malta vis a vis the same services rendered in competing countries like Italy, Portugal, Croatia etc… Malta still comes out as very competitive, whilst still keeping a high level in quality.


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  • How long usually a Malta wedding party last?

If during the summer holidays, a wedding party tends to stay a week, since they often plan their visit to Malta for the wedding, also as their annual family holiday.

Out of the scholastic term holidays, families tend to stay less, mainly due to kids attending school.


  • What should people expect about the people in Malta?

The Maltese have always been renowned for their hospitality so I am pretty sure that the couple and their guests will appreciate the generosity and flexibility of the Maltese, to make sure that they make them feel at home (whilst away from home).


Photo by Jana Sabeth Schultz on Unsplash
  • Curiosities

– There are 365 churches spread all over our archipelago, which makes is practically possible to go to a different church every day of the year

– We are the only Arab speaking country in the world which is predominantly Roman Catholic.

– Ggantija Temples are the oldest free standing buildings in the world, dating back to 3600 B.C (1000 years older than the pyramids

– The official language is Malta is the Maltese which is a semantic language mainly composed of Arab. The English language is also widely spoken on the islands and it is considered as an official language as much as the Maltese.

– You can buy a Maltese passport if you have €650,000 to get rid of.

– The national dish is Rabbit

– Only 2 people live on the island of Comino and every week a local priest delivers basic supplies and celebrates mass.

– Malta is a very popular with Hollywood movie makers since a huge list of movies like Gladiator, Troy, Captain Phillips, Games of Throne, Munich, World War Z and many other were shot in Malta.

– The name Malta originated from the Greek Word “Melite” which means honey-sweet due to its unique production of honey

– Malta was a pioneer in introducing LGBT rights, civil equality and marriage in the world.


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