Weddings in Veneto: tips to choose the best place

Weddings in Veneto

My Name is Katiuscia Minozzi I work with weddings in Veneto – the region of the romantic Venice, Lake Garda, and famous Verona – the city of Romeo and Juliet. I’m an architect and interior designer. I simply love this territory, it is the perfect scenario for a perfect wedding in Italy. 

Weddings in Veneto

If you are looking forward to getting married in Italy, on this article you’ll find a few tips for weddings in Veneto.

Weddings in Venice: pick your gondola!

Weddings in Venice

Venice is simply … Venice! You can discover it by walking along its road named Calli and reach the traditional Venetian Campielli (small squares). Or you can ride on a gondola and sail under small bridges to discover the hidden beauty of the city. Venetian life is magic.

Weddings in Venice

Civil ceremony in Venice can be performed at Palazzo Cavalli just in front of Grand Canal. We are in the beating heart of the city! After the ceremony, you can have a wonderful photo shooting at Rialto Bridge and reach San Marco Square. Venice also has many churches for a Roman Catholic ceremony.

After the ceremony, you can choose a Venetian place for a wonderful wedding party with Venetian masks! An unforgettable experience for sure!

Weddings in Venice

Weddings in Lake Garda: mountains, lemons, and wines!

Weddings in Lake Garda
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Lake Garda is the Italian biggest lake and it can offer very different scenarios for an Italian wedding.

The northern area is close to the mountains. Here you can find famous Castello di Malcesine. It has a breathtaking terrace overlooking the lake where outdoor civil ceremonies can be performed.

On East side of Lake Garda, you can find Castello di Torri del Benaco….a wonderful winter garden of lemons for your civil ceremony!

Weddings in Lake Garda

The most famous village on the lake is surely Sirmione. It is the biggest village on the lake and lays on a peninsula. Sirmione has wonderful churches: Santa Maria Della Neve, dated back to 400, and San Pietro in Mavino, a church established in 1320. They are just perfect for a Roman Catholic ceremony.

But it is not over yet! In the middle of the lake, you can find a private Island. It is just perfect for a dreamy wedding. Neo-Gothic Villa on Isola del Garda is the perfect frame for a civil ceremony with an Italian aperitif to follow.

We cannot forget about Valpolicella, the most fascinating area of Lake Garda. Thanks to its hills and vineyards, it can offer amazing spots for a countryside Italian Wedding. Here you can choose enchanting villas and taste amazing wines, including the famous Prosecco! It is the most intimate area of the Lake.

Weddings in Lake Garda

Weddings in Verona: the land of Romeo and Juliet

For Shakespeare lovers, Verona is the top destination. The city of Romeo and Juliet.

The ceremony can be performed at Juliet’s house, an unforgettable experience! Aperitif can be set close by the famous Arena di Verona and you can choose a romantic restaurant by Adige river.

While there, you can also enjoy famous outdoor Opera festival in Summer.

Verona has also amazing churches for Catholic ceremonies, such as Church of Sant Anastasia or Great Synagogue for a Jewish ceremony.

Winter weddings in Dolomite Alps

Weddings in Dolomite Alps

Looking forward a Winter wedding? I can suggest the top of the amazing mountains of Dolomite Alps! A ceremony over 2000 m of altitude and a reception in a cozy chalet for a winter wonderland wedding but also for a fresh summer wedding into the wild!


About the author: Katiuscia works in Veneto region with romantic Venice, Lake Garda, and famous Verona the city of Romeo and Juliet. She’s an architect and interior designer. To learn more about Katiuscia, visit their profile page here




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