Wedding planners: secrets to get out of the comfort zone

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To be a great professional – at any area – you must study, practice and have tons of creativity. For wedding planners, it is also a must-do, since every event should be different from the others and professionals are expected to exceed expectations.

“In every single wedding, we should and we usually outdo ourselves – this is why we are called wedding creators versus wedding organizers. We are here to create memorable experiences and come up with very unique ideas, mixing cultures, blending nationalities and cooking emotions all together!”, says the wedding planner Elie Berchan.

So, let’s take a look at some tips from wedding planners to improve your career and get out of the comfort zone.

Outrageous experiencies as wedding planners

wedding planner secrets

Photo: Thanos Asfis by Kollektiva | Wedding Planner: Elie Berchan

The wedding planner Rui Mota Pinto believes that the last three years are unforgettable for his career. “Never until 2014 I had couples that allowed me to have so much liberty and that have believed so much in my concepts and where so much of me is in that weddings”, says Rui Mota Pinto.

One of the biggest challenges that  Rui Mota Pinto faced through his career was using a racing track as a wedding venue. “It was the one that pushed me more out of the comfort zone. We are used to work with some minimum conditions, with venues that allow us to do whatever we want and create. Regardless the type of wedding, the decor, the ideia or the WOW factors we create to that wedding we have normally a venue and the conditions to make it happen. In this case, it was a racing track. Nothing was though to make weddings or events. It is not a Wedding Venue. It was simply a racing track. Having the dinner served in the middle of the track was a tremendous challenge and all that we learn, all that our experience tell us and teach us in a place like this means and gives us nothing. It is a kind of ‘learning again’. At the same time, it was maybe one of the weddings that most  taught me. That made me grow even more as a professional. We have a dream, we have a couple in love, and we have a raw, ‘dirty’, ugly, and non prepared place to tell this love story transforming everything in a dream day. So making this happening the way it was done was for sure the project that pushed me more out of my comfort zone”, explains Rui Mota Pinto. This wedding was one of the winners of the 2nd edition of Belief Awards.

wedding planner secrets

Photo: Pedro Bento | Wedding planner: Rui Mota Pinto

Working with tough temperature conditions might also be a challenge for wedding planners, as Elie Berchan explains: “In our last wedding in Dubai, at the Sofitel Dubai Palm Jumeirah Resort & Spa, we truly outdid ourselves as we were working in 42 degrees Celsius to set up a wedding for 140 guests coming from all over the world – as the groom was British and the bride had indian origins. The heat was unbearable and we were by the beach – however, we couldn’t swim! The flowers were dying due to the hot weather and we still had to put it all together and create this memorable experience and it was a real success. For this wedding, we flew out from Lebanon for Dubai, hired Greek photographers, dealt with an Asian florist and also had Events Management company ran by a gorgeous Filipino colleague, Jennifer Ebrada. Weddings gowns were tailor made in India, Dubai and London. Guests came from London, USA, Canada, India and even Australia. I can tell you that the couple were by far the sweetest!”.

wedding decoration lebanon

Photo: Thanos Asfis by Kollektiva | Wedding Planner: Elie Berchan

Rui Mota Pinto also mentions another experience that also made him grow as a professional: “If I have to choose one of those moments maybe Rita and João’s Wedding early this year is that moment. The literary inspiration was an incredible stimulation for my creativity. Each detail was thought to give the guests the idea of entering not a wedding but a library, or simply a place to sit and read a book. Also having to write the preface for a book in this wedding was one of the most amazing moments I keep from my career. Not a job for a wedding planner, of course, but it all made so much sense”. This wedding was even awarded on the 3rd Edition of Belief Awards.

How to improve your creativity?

wedding planners secrets

Photo: NJ Mattos| Wedding planner: Rui Mota Pinto

For Rui Mota Pinto, all the projects are conceptualized from the first day, starting with a blank sheet.
“They all represent a mix between the couple, their love story, their roots, their past, present and future and at the same time a bit of my identity as a professional. Getting to know the couple and their history, who they are, where are they from, their dreams for the future, the way they see one another is the best way for me to stimulate the creativity. That is a starting point for the love story we will tell in the wedding day”, explains Rui Mota Pinto.

In Elie Berchan‘s opinion, roadshows, online research, travelling, art exhibition, magazines, TV series, themes, designers, nature and surely the couples are good ways to stimulate creatity.

wedding decor in lebannon

Photo: Thanos Asfis by Kollektiva | Wedding Planner: Elie Berchan

Rui Mota Pinto mentions that there are some cities that, for some reason, inspire him – like Lisbon and New York. “They are a kind of a ‘muse’ for some things I idealize. Being on these places, with freedom to create, helps me to go further and gives me a different perspective at each wedding and at each time I ‘use’ these amazing cities to inspire myself. Stimulating creativity is for  me the most valuable process of my work. Without creativity my work is meaningless. I guess passion is the most relevant aspect to stimulate my creativity. The passion of the couple, the passion for the love story they tell me, the passion from the places I love, the experiences I live and for this fabulous work we do. A Wedding is a love story, a ‘place’ of dreams and passion. What more could we ask for than to be able to ‘write’ different love stories each day?”, says Rui Mota Pinto.

And, what about you – what are your secrets to be a badass wedding planner?

*First photo credit: NJ Mattos| Wedding planner: Rui Mota Pinto

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