Wedding day: what is it like for planners?

What’s your routine on the wedding day? How do you prepare yourself to work all day long? How does your team work on this day? We’ve talked to a few wedding planners around the world to see how they work before, during and after the wedding. Check it out!

 A few days before the wedding

The wedding planner Valentina Lombardi says that a couple of weeks before the wedding, her team finalizes the balances and payments of the event. “The final days are dedicated to having some briefing with all the suppliers of the event to be sure that we are all on the same page.  A good teamwork is always the key to a successful event. I give a good overview to all we need to do on the day and prepare the material that we need to display on the day – if present”, tells Valentina Lombardi.

The wedding planner Guadalupe Alvarez agrees with that: “During the wedding week ( as most of our weddings have more than one event) we make sure that everything is taken care and we meet with the couple one last time to make sure everything is perfect. We review everything and start the production. The day before the wedding we go to the rehearsal, we check the production, and check everything”.

The day before the wedding, the wedding planner Cecilia Pineda Rosas usually has an appointment with her staff in order to talk about wedding logistics. “Most of the times, I go to the venue to check the pre-setting. I prepare my “Wedding Army”, which is a small tool car where you can basically find life inside, it has everything a wedding planner should need for a wedding”, says Cecilia Pineda Rosas.

Another task for the previous day is to charge the radios and work on the check list. “It’s important to get in touch with the couple in order to know if there are changes and to keep them calm”, suggests Cecilia Pineda Rosas

It is also important to rest and prepare yourself for the next day. “Talking about myself I always try to rest and sleep well, eat well and prepare my wedding outfit”, recommends Cecilia Pieda Rosas.

On the wedding day

Wedding planner: Guadalupe Alvarez | Photo: Marcos Valdés

For most of the wedding planners, the wedding day starts pretty early. “I get up early, prepare my suitcase as I change in the venues, check the weather to see it is looking and head to the venue. I also like to open my computer early to check emails from other couples and if there is something urgent I answer before I go to the venue. Usually, my days start between 6.30 am and 7 am”, explains Guadalupe Alvarez.

Valentina also starts the day very early. “We cover all Piemonte region for weddings and we need to be there before everything begins. So we get up we check emails and then we drive to the location of the wedding. This in general required from 1 to 2 hours drive. So we need to be there with wide notice”, says Valentina Lombardi.

“If it’s a wedding during the day and is based in Mexico City I wake up at 6:00 am and I arrive at the venue around 9:00 am. If it’s a wedding during the night, I start my day around 8:00 am and I try to relax during the morning then I go to the wedding around 12:00 pm to start working at 2:00 pm”, tells Cecilia Pineda Rosas.

The hours before “walking down the aisle”

Wedding planner: Valentina Lombardi | Photo: Independent Pictures Photography

For Valentina Lombardi, one of the most important duties is to make sure that everything runs smoothly. “Once everyone arrives they know what to do but we coordinate all.  It is very important on the day to let the couple enjoy themselves with their guests and not be over present. Our task is to be sure that we are always on the good track, in time and transfers are precise and punctual. For any other query on the day, we are at bride and groom disposal if possible. Our day is making the day smooth as we planned”, she claims.

Once Cecilia Pineda Rosas goes to the venue, she takes a look at everything: tables setting, flower decoration, DJ & Lightning. Two hours after that, her staff arrives with all the attitude, energy and passion for weddings.  Cecilia is also the one in charge to give the bouquet to the bride. “On that moment, I ask her how she is going and it’s always a way to see if everything it’s on time, especially if we have to go to the church”, Cecilia tells.

Once at the church, Cecilia Pineda Rosas takes a look at the orchestra and talks with the priest to check that we are on time for the ceremony. “When the ceremony begins, I’m always behind the couple, in the meantime part of my staff are coordinating the venue finish touches”, she states.

Guadalupe Alvarez tells that she likes to get to the venues and check everything. “I have an amazing team and they get there before I do, I supervise that everything that the couple wants is there and even more!! I go to the kitchen, the tent, the ceremony area and especially look for what is not there, what is out of place or what looks ugly. I joke that the couples pay me to look at the ugly so I can take it away before they arrive!!”, she mentions.

After saying “I do”

Wedding planner: Cecilia Pineda Rosas | Photo: Jos Hernández

The wedding planner shift doesn’t end as the party starts. “We try to be always present until the end of the party. And this means that we’ll be back home really late”, says Valentina Lombardi.

Cecilia Pineda Rosas explains that her wedding service always finishes once the bride tosses the bouquet and the groom tosses the bride’s garter. “We coordinate the end of the wedding, we deliver everything we have from to couple to them and we say goodbye to everybody. The day after the wedding, I keep in touch with all the vendors to check that the end of the wedding was ok”, she informs.

Guadalupe Alvarez says that her team stays until the wedding is finished. “An average Mexican wedding will end around 4 am, at least 8 to 10 hours of dancing. They are in charge to clean it up, I am very very lucky to have an amazing committed team that is young and fierce”, she concludes.

What about you? How do you work on the wedding day? Tell us in the comments!

First photo credit: Photo – David Bastianoni| Wedding planner – Valentina Lombardi

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