What makes a wedding planner win the Belief Awards? Probably, it is a mixture of factors, but we believe that creativity and originality plays a big role on this choice.  To discover what makes a wedding concept a champion, we’ve talked to the winners of the 4th Edition of Belief Awards. Get inspired by their amazing projects worldwide:

A clean, modern and fun wedding in Thailand


For this winning wedding of Belief Awards, the couple, Sam Sunderland  (a Dubai-based British rally raid motorcycle rider, best known for his participation in the Dakar Rally) and Sophie Lach (an english fashion make up artist) decided to have a clean, modern and fun wedding in Phuket island, in Thailand. And that’s what the wedding planner Chonlada Lafferty did for their wedding. Their ceremony scenario had the view from the sea and all the wedding had a decor with light colors and a few candles.


A celebration of 20 years of love


Ixcel and Alfonso have been together for 20 years. For their wedding, all they wanted was to have a party with their kids and friends in beautiful Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. To create the perfect concept, the wedding planner Rebeca Magaña created a casual but elegant atmosphere. “It was all about celebrating all this years of love and the family they’ve created. So we tried to have a relaxing, casual but yet elegant set up – the place itself is beautiful, a beach front garden with trees framing a breatless sunset. We went for the colors of the year – serenity blue and rose quartz, with some white”, says Rebeca. And that’s how Rebeca got the Belief Awards, on the Wedding Concept category.


Romantic mexican garden wedding


Emily and Rigo are from Los Angeles, but they decided to get married in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. For their wedding, they wanted a very relaxing atmosphere, where the guests could feel like they were home, they also wanted to feel like they were in a magical and romantic garden. The wedding planner in charge of this wedding, Guadalupe Alvarez, says that biggest challenge at this wedding was to translate the ideas they had to the day of the wedding “As they are both very creative, we wanted to make sure we did exactly what they dreamed for their wedding. I love the relaxing elegance of the couple, they had so much fun. They really put emphasis in taking care of all the guests and enjoying their time. It was so nice to share that with them”, explains Guadalupe.


Tuscan wedding in a olive grove


Emily and Daniel, both from United Kingdom, have always loved Tuscany so they decided it was the ideal place to get married. According to the wedding planner Sandra Santoro, they wanted to keep things simple as the Italian backdrop was so amazing, and created a soft, natural looking ceremony area and beautiful reception with long tables for relaxed dining. “Getting married in a Tuscan olive grove means you are surrounded by beautiful colours, shades and hues. We didn’t want to have any strong colors in our ‘wedding palette’ that would clash with the natural environment. So we kept everything as ‘Italian’ themed as possible. Friends even knitted us large woollen olives with little faces, to give to our younger guests!”, says Sandra. On this wedding, the couple has also put their art degrees to good use and created some really pretty DIY projects that really added a lovely helping of personality into the day.


A beautiful and intimate wedding in Ericeia


Sasha and Misha are from Russia and they wanted only one thing for their big day: a destination wedding. They’ve looked for many places all over the world, but the one that took their hearts was Portugal. When they found the wedding planner Viktoriia Ignateva, who also speaks russian, they had no more doubts about their destination wedding. According to Viktoriia, they decided to have their ceremony on a rock, with a view of the sea, in Ericeira. “This place was perfect: they had the seething waves below and the breeze of the Portuguese coast to inspire tranquility. For their wedding, they wanted to create a very intimate setting with things that have a significant meaning for the couple and the guests. It shoudn’t have things ‘by chance’ or common things. Everything was planned just for them”, explains Viktoriia.


Beach wedding in Riviera Maya


Angela Kim and Nicolas Santo live in Hong Kong. She is from LA and he is from Uruguay. For their big day, they decided to have their wedding in the Riviera Maya, Mexico. According to their wedding planner, Joyce Mnguni, even though it was a beach reception, the couple wished to keep a clean look. “We had lots of lighting and candles everywhere. With flowers, we’ve soften colors with a dash of fuschia pop color”, says Joyce. Another thing special about this wedding is that they also had a second ceremony during the reception which was a Korean Ceremony.


A Snow White Wedding in Guatemala


For the wedding of the couple Cecilia Hermosilla y William Orozco, the wedding planner Pilu Delgado was inspired by  the modern Snow White. “We’ve made all the entasis in the red-marsala color. The color is what gives strength and power to the wedding. Our biggest challenge for this wedding was that the couple had a low budget and the venue didn’t work well with the theme – so we needed to make some arrangements for everything to match with perfection”, concludes Pilu.


What’s your favourite wedding concept from the winners of Belief Awards?

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