Wedding cake: see 13 inspiring ideas

The cut of the wedding cake is one of the most important traditions on weddings and it is full of symbolism. So, you should look into it really carefully to choose the right one for you. Today, there are plenty of options: Marzipan, fondant, gum paste, buttercream, chocolate, naked cake, ruffled cake and even the geode cake.

So, if you haven’t made your choice yet, we invite you to take a good look at all the options:

1. Tall and classic wedding cake

Royalty members usually have huge cakes for their weddings. This one would not do badly – it is imponent an classic, a good option for luxurious weddings.

Wedding planner: Carolina Muzo | Photo: MC Productions

2. Snow White wedding cake

Can you imagine how the Snow White’s wedding cake would look like? This one would probably be a good inspiration for the Disney’s princess, since this wedding was all based on the Modern Snow White.

Wedding planner: Pilú Delgado | Photo: Daniel Lopez Perez

3. Succulents’ cake

Succulents are probably the “new black” for weddings. So, why not use it on the wedding cake? This one got a really rustic atmosphere with a wooden support.

Wedding planner: Astrid and Ingrid Labbé  | Photo: David Juarez

4. Italian wedding cake

In Italy, it is very common to have  single layer cakes for weddings. This one, with red fruits on the top, looks simply delicious!

Wedding planner: Valentina Lombardi | Photo: Ordine della Giarrettiera 

5. Texturized wedding cake

The texture of this wedding cake makes all difference. It has some beautiful flowers in the top and a lace texture along it.

Wedding planner: Astrid and Ingrid Labbé | Photo: Carlos López Ayerdí

6. Geode cake

Geode wedding cakes just seem to be the new trend for 2017.

Wedding planner: Viktoriia Ignateva | Photo:  Igor Novikov and Konstantin Savvopulo

7. Ruffled cake

This beautiful ruffled cake was decorated with some delicate pink flowers. To give a rustic touch, the cake had wooden cake toppers. Lovely!

Wedding planner: Joyce Mnguni | Photo: Jaime Glez Photography 

8. New Yorker cake

What can we expect from a wedding in New York? Surely, a modern and clean wedding cake is a part of the list. This one had even the Empire State Building on the top of it!

Wedding planner: Jacqueline Vazquez | Photo: Lovemore Photo

9. Classic wedding cake

Want a classic wedding? This cake is just perfect for you! The golden cake support and the ribbons on the top give the finishing touch to it.

Wedding planner: Hayxanair Hernández | Photo: Noel Del Pilar Photographer

10. Romantic wedding cake

This couple wanted a romantic vintage wedding and their wedding cake just followed the same style with some delicate flowers. The naked cake was perfect for the occasion.

Wedding planner: Carolina Muzo | Photo: Kay Garcia and Alexis Zurita

11. Naked cake

The naked cake is the perfect match for a romantic garden wedding, isn’t it? This one will probably make your mouth water!

Wedding planner: Guadalupe Alvarez | Photo: Blest Studios

12. Wedding cake with puertorrican touch

On this wedding, the couple, who lives in London, wanted to incorporate puertorrican elements into their wedding. The wedding cake seemed really classic but it had guava, a very popular local tropical fruit in Puerto Rico.

Wedding planner: Rosalina Torres | Photo: Emilio Leon 

13. Fun wedding cake

Who said that wedding cakes can’t be funny? On this portuguese wedding, the concept was based on childhood memories and the main theme was “rag doll and tin soldier”. So, we couldn’t expect anything different from that, right?

Wedding planner: Rui Mota Pinto | Photo: NJ Mattos Photography

Which cake would you choose for your own wedding?

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