Do you remember the last time when you took some time off from your work? Getting some vacations might also be important for your creativity and for your productivity.

“It`s essential to take some vacations. Entrepreneurs need inspiration and most of the time we get this through traveling”, says the wedding planner Cecilia Pineda Rosas.The wedding planner Guadalupe Alvarez also agrees with that: “I need to travel to get inspired! For me is not just time off in my house because I will work. I need to physically go somewhere to rest”.

How often is it possible to take vacations?

Wedding planner and photo: Judy Amado

It is a very personal decision and it might vary according to the high/low season in your country. Christmas holidays seem to be the best time for vacations. “In general, we try to take some time off as soon as the wedding season ends (October – November) or in December at Christmas time”, says the wedding planner Valentina Lombardi.

“Everybody in the company takes off 3 weeks during the Christmas holidays, and I try to take 2 or 3 trips a year to fun places to get inspired. I am a workaholic so is hard!!”, states Guadalupe Alvarez.

The wedding planner Judy Amado says that she plans her time off with one year in advance. “After 25 years of being an independent planner I chose not to take events on December. Besides this, I plan personal and family times and block them. Every month I revise the next 12 months that is how I go about blocking vacation / personal travels and time off. Hardly ever it lasts more than 3 weeks”, she explains.

Valentina Lombardi also believes that it is not a matter of quantity – but the quality is really important! “I strongly think that it is more important quality than quantity. It is not necessary having a lot of days off as long as the ones you have involve something you really want to do and people you really want to share your time with.Even a nice dinner with friends or some great time with my son at the park could be a wonderful way to recharge batteries for me”, she suggests.

Prepare your clients!

Wedding planner: Valentina Lombardi | Photo: Independent Pictures

We’re not talking only about packing, but also about setting the stage of your company – and, the most important: telling your clients about your vacations.  “We inform our couples about it and we try to give them timings to fulfill tasks considering our time off. This way they will feel more relaxed about it. We also tell them that in case of a real urgent issue they can call or email us. Anyway we share shifts between us and Silvia so we can cover all year events”, states Valentina Lombardi.

“My clients become my friends and they always follow me everywhere: Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. I never lie to them if I’m going on vacation, sometimes they are the ones who tell me: ‘Yes, Cecy, you need vacations! Enjoy it! We’re are not going to write you or call you. So, I believe that being truly honest with them is 100% better”, claims Cecilia Pineda Rosas.

Guadalupe Alvarez says that since the clients hire them, they let them know that they usually take the three weeks off. However, she and her team don’t get disconnected. “We still take home our computers and answer emails, we still answer the phones in case there is an emergency. If needed, somebody will meet with the couple, we set up our computer to let everybody who writes know that we are on holidays. When I take some time off, Angie my assistant, is qualified to answer my emails”, recommends Guadalupe.

Judy Amado also sends a personalized calendar for her couples just after the proposal is approved. “It has a number of months we will be working on planning and I include the dates that are blocked because of vacations. Finally, so they don’t go into a panic I send an email a week before telling them that I will be taking a rest, recharging and refreshing my creative genius. I also thank them in advance because I know they are going to be so happy for me that they will hold all fires and communications until I return. But if needed they can drop an email including my senior planner and if I get a chance I will answer but if not she will hold the fort until I return or it could be something she can solve”, she suggests.

Prepare your team!

Wedding planner: Guadalupe Alvarez | Photo: Blest Studios

Valentina Lombardi says that she usually shares shifts with her team, so they can cover all year events.

Cecilia Pineda Rosas tells that while she is out, her team is fully aware of everything and they get in touch with her as well as they answer emails and quotations on time.

Is it possible to be fully disconnected?

For the wedding planner Judy Amado, it is possible, but she usually checks her emails, but with no burden or responsibility to answer. “That is good for me”, she claims.

However, the wedding planner Cecilia Pineda Rosas finds it difficult to do so. “Even If I am traveling I’m always connected. In my company, once you are a client you can get in touch with us 24/7, 365 days a year”, she states. Valentina Lombardi agrees with that: “I do not think so. I think it is difficult for any entrepreneur to be fully disconnected from work. When you have your own business I think you always need to keep an eye on everything”.

Guadalupe Alvarez also belongs to the #connectedteam: “I try to be disconnected but it is hard because I love my work.  When I go to my holidays, it is hard to let go at the beginning and then I am able to relax in the middle. But when the holidays are ending I want to be connected again”.

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