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59 wedding vendors worked together entirely for free to make a wedding for a couple in need.


A truly meaningful love story and lots of vendors ready to make the wedding happen entirely for free. Yes, this international charity project not only exists but also has already been taken to four different countries and it is called Two + Us. On April 19th, the social project Two+Us made a couple’s dream come true again – this time, Sofia Carvalho Pinho and José Regedor, from Portugal, got married in Quinta do Roseiral with the help of 59 wedding vendors, who worked entirely for free.

Two + Us Weddings is a social project created by Belief Wedding Creators, an international community with 200 wedding planners in more than 30 countries. The main goal of Two + Us is to offer an entire wedding for couples in need around the world, giving meaning to the structure called marriage and to bring hope and faith in the lives of couples in need.

“It’s always a great adventure to plan the Two+Us. Our focus is on the desire of the couple and to make them happy. On the other hand, our hard work is to have amazing people by our side to make this happen in a beautiful way. This was the 4th edition and we are proud of the result and ready for the next editions”, says Giovana Duailibe, CEO of Belief Wedding Planners.



Meet the couple: Sofia Carvalho Pinho and José Regedor


Photo: Fabio Fistarol | Lucho Vargas Photography


Sofia and José are both 37 years old and they have a long story together. When he was 17 years old, José had an accident that left him handicapped for the rest of his life. He struggles daily, not only because of his condition but also due to some difficulties that life has presented.

He has an academic background in several areas and he is not afraid of working. Now, he works as a shoemaker. He also receives a state invalidity pension. Sofia works in the administration area. They both work hard in order to provide everything for their family. “Especially for our daughters Leonor, 8, and Madalena, 14. Although they are not José’s blood, there is a TRUE LOVE among them”, says Sofia.

She believes that throughout life, many barriers may arise, but together they are able to fight and overcome each one of them. “It happens because there is love and I will be with him always, as I do every day. Be it for the good days, or for the less good days. Our LOVE is what moves us and makes us live. We all have the right to be happy regardless of our situation, “she says.

José’s sister was the one who submitted the story of the couple to participate of Two + US. “They have a beautiful love story and their daily struggle is pretty impressive. We also got a letter from Sofia and, with that, we felt that they would be the chosen couple for the Portuguese edition. We use to say that we do not choose the couples – but they are the ones that choose us. We are happy to celebrate their love in a way that they have always dreamed of”, says Giovana.

The wedding planner Rui Mota Pinto mentions that when he met Jose and Sofia, he felt a huge happiness and an immense honor. “When I saw the happiness of this couple in knowing that they would finally achieve their dream was something that simply enlightened my heart. It also made me realize how rewarding it is when someone allows us to do something for them”, explains Rui.

Sofia and José also say that this project made them believe that everything might be possible. “Being part of this project was something unforgettable since day one. When we heard that we had been selected, we thought: ‘we are making one of our dreams come true’. We were able to plan everything as we idealised with everyone that embraced this project. They were tireless to make our day something we would never forget. This ceremony was a very important moment for us. It was a unique situation that we could gather together all the people we love and who have always been there for us”, they mention.


Planning the wedding


two plus us portugal
Photo: Fabio Fistarol | Lucho Vargas Photography


The planning of the Portuguese Editions of Two + Us started right after the third edition of the project, which happened in Italy in November 2018.

“Explaining all the feelings that came over me when Giovana told me that the Two + Us would be in Portugal and that I would be the host planner is an impossible task. Joy, honor, pride, passion, responsibility, euphoria – a mix of emotions that invaded me at that moment and that is impossible to describe. The unique sensation of being able to change a couple’s life through our work is something magical. I had the happiness of living this sensation in Mexico in 2017 and in Italy in 2018. But being able to live this project and these emotions in my own country was something unique and magical. Bringing this project to Portugal was the fulfilment of a dream. During the 4 months of preparation, we lived an incredible and unforgettable adventure. The wedding day – without doubt – was one of the most exciting days of my life”, says Rui.


The wedding concept

wedding party portugal
Photo: Fabio Fistarol | Lucho Vargas Photography


The wedding planner Rui Mota Pinto has created a special concept for this wedding based on the story of the couple. “More than a life with difficulties, I wanted to look at their story as a love story, full of dedication, sharing and achievements. At first, I met José. He had an almost embarrassed way, but also radiant, to express the happiness of finally been able to get married to Sofia. After all these obstacles, José has taught me that everything might be overcome and what determination and willpower are. I realised that he was a happy person and that he wanted to live a day full of joy with his beloved one. At this moment, I realised that there are no barriers for love. Right at this point, I started to create the concept of this wedding. Later, I met Sofia – she is cheerful, vibrant and passionate. When they were together, I felt a unique connection between them. They are truly dedicated to each other. I realised that every second from this couple’s life is supported by their love for each other and for their daughters. This is a huge love story. With all that in mind, I came up with the concept of the wedding: BARRIERS – A STORY ABOUT LOVE AND CONQUEST”, says Rui Mota Pinto.


Truck drivers’ strike on the week of the wedding.

On the week of the wedding, fuel-tanker drivers went on a strike in Portugal. According to crowd-sourced emergency services platform VOST Portugal, more than 2,000 petrol stations were running on reduced fuel supplies. With that, the wedding planners mapped all the gas stations that had diesel fuel in order to provide it to the venue of the wedding. “Fortunately, the strike ended one day before the wedding”, mentions Giovana.


The wedding day

Photo: Fabio Fistarol | Lucho Vargas Photography


The wedding of José and Sofia had everything that a couple may dream of – and it lasted from 5 pm to 2 am. It was full of surprises. The first one was that the bride chose to wear a black wedding dress from the stylist Susana Agostinho, and jewellery from Sofia Tregeira.

At the ceremony, Sofia chose to walk down the aisle with Rui Mota Pinto, the wedding planner. “When Sofia asked me to walk down the aisle with her, it made me feel so honoured! I never thought I’d feel something like that. I remember crying with joy but also with honor. It was something I never imagined I could feel – to share such an important moment in someone’s life this way. It was one of the most incredible moments that I have ever lived”, states Rui Mota Pinto.

“I’m speechless to describe the wedding day. It was an unforgettable moment – not only for us, but also for our guests. One of the most remarkable moments was when I was walking down the stairs accompanied by Rui Mota Pinto and saw José on his back. When I was just saying how handsome he looked, José turned around and I started crying. I thought: ‘Oh my God, he is really the one!’ Meanwhile, Rui was trying to calm me down and I felt comforted by his words”, tells Sofia.

At the ceremony, the officiant performed two rituals with the couple. The first of them included colourful ribbons – each one of them represented a color of the rainbow and a desire for the couple. The second ritual had a mortar, a pestle and coffee beans. The couple had to grind the coffee beans together – this refers to the story of the couple as the first date they had was at a coffee shop. On the day after the wedding, this coffee was delivered at their hotel and they could drink it together.

The music was a huge thing for this wedding – the ceremony had a violinist and a DJ. The cocktail had a saxophonist and a DJ. At dinner, they had a band, a saxophonist, a DJ and a violinist. The wedding also had some entertainment performances.

For Sofia, everyone involved on this project has a huge capacity to work as a team. “They all have a great sense of what is like to do a non-traditional wedding. They were all responsible for making sure that every detail ran smoothly. We cannot thank enough all of the professionals that worked there”, mentions Sofia.


“Portugal was incredible, 130 days of planning, 59 vendors, more than 100 people working and one happy couple in the end. Mission accomplished”, states Giovana.


Wedding vendors


Photo: Fabio Fistarol | Lucho Vargas Photography


The Portuguese edition of Two+Us was organised by the Wedding Tailor & Planner Rui Mota Pinto, in collaboration of other Portuguese members of Belief Wedding Planners: About Events, Algarve Weddings by Rebecca, Ambiance Weddings Azores, Oui Love You, Save the Date, Something Borrowed, Tales e The Wedding Wonderland. The Italian wedding planner Valentina Lombardi, from Italian Wedding Company, also took part in this edition.

“One of the most important parts of the project is getting together different professionals, with different ways of working, but in one direction. Having 10 wedding planners working together during the planning and the day was incredible. This just proves the power of the collaboration and how strong we are as a community”, claims Giovana.

Besides the wedding planners, there are also other wedding vendors involved:

PHOTO: Fabio Fistarol / Lucho Vargas Fotografia
VENUE & CATERING: Quinta do Roseiral
VIDEO: Live Wedding Video
BRIDE DRESS: Susana Agostinho
BRIDE AND GROOM ACCESSORIES: Sofia Tregeira Joalharia de Autor
HAIR STYLING: Patricia Regedor Hair Styling
MAKE UP: Susana Matias Gomes Pro MAkeUp Artist
FLOWERS: Kefro by Sandra Nogueira
CAKE: MyCakeStore
TBC eventos
BAND: Triskle
DJ: Paulo DI Light
VIOLIN: MAK electric violin (Ricardo Maciel) / Carlos Santa Clara
SAXOPHONE: Gustavo Teixeira
FX Effects: Deluxe Eventos
COREOGRAFA Andreia Lemos
ANIMADORES XPTO: Companhia de artes performativas
BD Filipa Losada / FABRIC BELIEF: Vidal Tecidos
DECORATION: Martins Alves Decorações & About Events & Tales & SaveTheDate
WINE: Horas Felizes Eventos
NOITE NUPCIAS Penha Longa Resort Hotel
FLAIR BARTENDING: Andre Neff Bartender
COCKTAIL BAR: StreetShaker
Barco Évora & Tejo Weddings
Casa do Marquês
Oficina do Esferovite
Groovy Elements
I DO Events
SPONSORS BELIEF – MediaPark & Quinta do Torneiro, Something Borrowed & Wedding Tailor & Planner Rui Mota Pinto

Hotel: Hotel Casa Hintze Ribeiro
Restaurant/Events: Qenosso
The Sofia and José´s meals: Carlos Furtado
Photographers: Álvaro B. Miranda & Ana Isabel Fine Art Photography
Graphic Designer: Nebaricreative


About Two + Us Weddings

Photo: Fabio Fistarol | Lucho Vargas Photography


The Two Plus US project is a collaborative idea. It counts 100% on the participation of vendors from different areas to make it happen – they all work for free in order to make the couples’ dream come true. The first edition happened in 2017, in Mexico. Then, the project has also been taken to El Salvador (2017) and Italy (2018).

“Giving back matters to us at BWP community. The aim is to marry people from all countries that we have Belief’s members worldwide. No matter their age, race, sexual orientation, and/or religion. We count 100% on the amazing participation of vendors from different areas to make that happen”, states Giovana.

For the professionals who participated in previous editions, it was a life changing experience. The wedding planner Rui Mota Pinto, who oversees the Portuguese wedding and got involved in two previous editions, sees it as a living proof of the importance of giving back. “It showed how we can make things happen, and to change other people lives, with a small gesture, when we stand together, and we believe that is possible. Never the expression ‘together we are stronger’ made more sense than now. Never the ‘give back’ notion was more real to me that after being part of the Two + Us”, he says.

Two+Us project also allows to promote a lot of different places as a destination wedding option for couples and bring value to the brand of the professionals involved. “Not just as a wedding planner, but also as a high-level wedding professional”, mentions Giovana Duailibe.


How to participate of the project?

The Two + US project is for couples in need who also have a beautiful and meaningful love story.
Couples who want to participate must submit their stories on the website:

At the website, it is also possible to know when dates are open for upcoming editions and the chosen countries. Then, couples can submit their stories. To participate, couples must have at least a three-year relationship and they must have an inspiring story.

“Guatemala, Panama and Mexico are the next countries to receive the Two+Us project in 2019 and we can’t wait to be there with them”, says Giovana.


Join Belief Wedding Planners


belief wedding planners
Photo: Fabio Fistarol | Lucho Vargas Photography


Belief Wedding Creators is an international platform for wedding planners, with members in more than 30 countries. “Learn, share and build long-lasting connections without the hustle to be a lonely entrepreneur. That’s the main goal of Belief WP and we are always open to new wedding planners that want to join the network and create a bigger impact on the wedding industry”, states Giovana Duailibe.





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