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7 creative wedding concepts from Belief Awards

What makes a wedding planner win the Belief Awards? Probably, it is a mixture of factors, but we believe that creativity and originality plays a big role on this choice.  To discover what makes a wedding concept a champion, we’ve talked to the winners of the 4th Edition of Belief Awards. Get inspired by their amazing […]

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Be a wedding planner

When the wedding planner becomes the bride

It is all going well on your life, you’re a hard-working wedding planner and, suddenly, you get engaged and must plan your own wedding. How does that work? How do wedding planners deal with that? The wedding planner Judy Amado has not only been a bride and a planner 15 years ago, but also been mother of […]

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Destination Wedding

Elopement wedding: a simple guide

Eloping might be a great idea for the ones who have a small budget for a wedding, for the couples who love to travel or even for the ones with tricky family set-ups. For the portuguese wedding planner Joana Frade, performing an elopement wedding was a different experience, but amazing. “The couple was truly passionate. […]

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