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Wedding Industry

Coronavirus + weddings: how to deal with that?

Coronavirus + weddings: how to deal with that? See what to do if you are planning your big day Around the world, the coronavirus situation has been affecting not only people‚Äôs routine, but also it has caused a major impact in the wedding industry. Weddings are being postponed and canceled as well as honeymoons and […]

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belief awards
Belief News

Belief Awards: meet 13 award-winning countries to get married around the globe

From a Star Wars wedding to a traditional Hindu ceremony, wedding photos from the Belief Awards show breath-taking scenarios, heart-touching moments and funny scenes during celebrations around the world. If you could frame a special moment of your wedding, what would it be? Some couples would choose the kiss. Others might vote for the first […]

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Destination Wedding

Wedding traditions around the world

Are you thinking about a destination wedding? Well, maybe you should consider taking a look at the wedding traditions in different places of the world. Somo countries have a few curious traditions, while others have fun rituals or even some romantic ones. So, let’s take a tour around the world to check out some awesome […]

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