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Building a Solid Foundation for a Sustainable Wedding Planning Business (and Saving Your Sanity!) with Aisle Planner’s Christina Farrow

With nearly anything in life, when you’re looking to creating something stable, building a solid foundation is absolutely key. The same is true for your wedding planning business. Growing a sustainable business requires having the proper systems, tools, paperwork, and goals in place from the get-go. But, I’d be lying if I said it was […]

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Must-have online tools for wedding planners

What online tools for wedding planners do you use? Nowadays, wedding planners can benefit from different online tools to manage projects, set timelines for their events, send invoices and control the budget. To help you to choose the best one for your business, we’ve asked Debbie Orwat, founder & chief inspiration officer at Planner’s Lounge, to […]

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