Styled photo shoot: how to create a great one?

A styled photoshoot is also a good way to show all of your potential as a wedding planner. “When planning an actual wedding, it is not always possible to express our own’s creativity at 100%. The shooting helps the wedding planners to show their very personal touch, their own mood, their humanity, and sensitiveness. A sort of unrevealing their true professionalism to clients for what they are actually capable of and only for what they are asked to do. This is a very important aspect”, says the wedding planner Serena Ranieri.

For the wedding planner Hayxanair Hernández, it is a good opportunity create a scene and take the necessary time to capture every detail. “With a real wedding, the time flies by so fast and we don’t get the chance to get all the shots we would like to feature before the event is over. I always find myself wishing I had taken pictures of certain details at the end of the day. The styled photoshoot provides you the opportunity to project the style and brand you want to capture to attract your ideal client’s attention. That client will have the opportunity to see the different styles you are capable of creating with your team”, claims Hayxanair Hernández.

styled photoshoot

Wedding planner: Hayxanair Hernández | Photos: Andel Cruz Photography | Venue: El Convento | Decor: KL Set Events | Cake: Gabriel Diaz Cake Designer

Hayxanair Hernández had the opportunity to work on two styled photo shoots and she considered both as an amazing experience. “With Naya’s Idea Event Coordinator, we created a wedding style shoot where we worked with a couple and created a reception and took several personal portraits. It was a total success! I also had the opportunity to be part of a Moroccan styled shoot for the Rising Tide Society – Puerto Rico Chapter.  A big group got together to work and collaborate on this fantastic shoot which included several planners, floral designers, and photographers as well as other vendors.  It was an amazing experience!”, she states.

Tips to create a styled photo shoot

See some essential tips to create a styled photoshoot:

  • Pick a theme

According to Hayxanair Hernández, picking a theme is the first thing to do. “It will guide and define what you would like the project to stay on target so we can have a great result”, she states.styled photoshoot

Photoshoot planned by Tuesday Together- Rising Tide Society, with the participation of the wedding planner  Hayxanair Hernández | Photo: Noel Del Pilar (Photoshoot for the Rising Tide Society – Puerto Rico Chapter)

And this is also one of the hardest things to do. “Conceiving the idea is essential. Like in a movie director, it is important to be sure about what you are going to tell, without falling into the ordinary or the monotonousness. So you have to focus until you come up with a good and fresh idea!”, says Serena Ranieri.

  • Get your team involved

Obviously, it is impossible to work on this project on your own. “We have models, hair & make-up artists, wardrobe stylists, floral designer, photographer, stationary, cake, etc. It is really important that the vendors and people involved have a clear vision of the purpose of the styled photo shoot and that everyone is on the same page. Team work!”, argues Hayxanair Hernández.

Serena Ranieri advices that choosing the right photographer and a good location is really important. “Picking the right photographer is essential. That is not easy to do, because of the wide list of good professionals that we with work with. So we need to understand, among the trusted ones we have selected, which one is perfect to better represent the shooting’s theme. Second important thing is choosing the location and all the vendors involved”, suggests Serena Ranieri.

  • Promote it!

styled photoshoot

Wedding planner: Hayxanair Hernández | Photos: Andel Cruz Photography | Venue: El Convento | Decor: KL Set Events | Cake: Gabriel Diaz Cake Designer

In order to make styled photo shoot well worth the effort, it is always important to promote it. The wedding planner Serena Ranieri believes that it is a good idea to aim for an “exclusive” promoting. “Pick a blog or a magazine as a partner and give them the shooting in exclusive use for a delimited period. Giving to a one and only reference partner the possibility to promote the shooting helps to increase the prestige of the shooting itself”, says Serena Ranieri.

Hayxanair Hernández usually shares all of her styled photo shoots through social media channels, making sure to mention all the vendors involved. “We also submit the styled photo shoot to magazines, wedding blogs as well as post them on our own blogs”, she concludes.

Have you ever done a styled photoshoot? How was this experience? What are your tips to create a photoshoot?

First photo credits:

Wedding planner: Hayxanair Hernández
Photos: Andel Cruz Photography
Venue: El Convento
Decor: KL Set Events
Cake: Gabriel Diaz Cake Designer

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