Belief Awards: six reasons why you shouldn’t miss it

4 times per year, wedding planners have the opportunity to participate in the Belief Awards. So we thought that we could give you a glance at the advantages of being an internationally awarded wedding planner. (And we bet that after reading this article, you won’t miss the next edition). So take a look at really good reasons to participate in the Belief Awards:

  1. Be featured on several blogs and magazines


For each edition of Belief Awards, we develop a press strategy to disclosure the work of the winners among wedding magazines and blogs. We’ve already been featured in the US, UK, Italy, South Africa, India, Spain, Pakistan, Mexico, Brazil and so on. You can check everything here. 

  1. Get visibility of your work worldwide and boost your business


With Belief Awards, your work will be seen worldwide. That increases that chances to get more destination weddings on your area, increase your business and to get international recognition.

  1. Share your views, and learn from each others’ work


Our Award is not only about the competition. For us, it is a great way to get to know other cultures, learn from each other’s experiences and challenges and get inspired.

  1. Strengthen your relationship with photographers


Belief Awards offers the unique experience to recognize both wedding planners and photographers. For wedding planners, it is a good opportunity to strengthen the relationship with these professionals and to get their work recognized worldwide.

  1. Get recognition from clients and prospects with Belief Awards


How about saying to your clients that you have been internationally awarded? How does that sound to you? Being a winner of Belief Awards surely takes your work and recognition to another level.

  1. Become the best wedding planner you can be


We strongly believe that every wedding planner should push himself/herself to the limit and be the best professionals they can be. So we want to see the best of your work! Let’s rock together!

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