Quiz: how is your social media doing?

Do you use your social media channels regurlaly? Do you receive requests from potential clients through Facebook or Instagram? Social media has proven to be a powerful resource to promote your business worldwide and you can’t be left behind. So, take our quiz and see what’s your social media level:

1. Do you keep all your contacts updated where your clients can see it on your social media channels?

a) Yes. I have my e-mail and telephone numbers on every social media channel. (+2 points)

b) I only have my e-mail. (+1 point)

c) I have to check it – I’ve updated it once. (0 points)


2. How often do you update your social media channels?

a) Every day. (+2 points)

b) Once in a week. (+1 point)

c) Once in a while. (0 points)


3. How frequently do you receive requests from potential clients through social media?

a) Yes, very often. (+2 points)

b) Sometimes. (+1 point)

c) Rarely. (0 points)


4. How fast do you answer potential clients through social media?

a) As fast as I can – if I’m on a meeting or on a wedding, for example, I have someone to answer it for me or I can do it as soon as it ends. (+2 points)

b) It usually takes a day or two for me to answer it. (+1 point)

c) It usually takes more than two days. (0 points)


5. How do you classify the photos you post?

a) I have a very good relationship with photographers, so I have plenty of beautiful photos to use. Sometimes, I take some good photos at weddings and then I post them. (+2 points)

b) I have some very good photos from photographers and I have some photos taken by me. (+1 point)

c) I wish I had more beautiful photos to post. (0 points)


6. Do you use photos from other wedding planners or photographers?

a) Rarely. Most of the photos are from my own work. I only share other references when I think that it is a good inspiration for couples and I always give credit for the professionals. (+2 points)

b) Yes – whenever I see a really good inspiration I think it is worth sharing with couples, I do it. But I always give the credits for the professionals. (+1 points)

c) Yes, I use lots of inspirations from other weddings. I give the credits when I find it. (0 points)


7. Have you ever used resources like Facebook Live or InstaStories?

a) Yes, I did – I’m trying to get used to that, but sometimes it is nice to show a bit of  my work. (+2 points)

b) I’m planning to do it on 2017 and I’m learning how to do it. (+1 point).

c) What’s that? (0 points)


8. Have you ever used Facebook Ads?

a) Yes, I use it very often. (+2 points)

b) I only use when I have  something special to disclosure. (+1 point)

c) I never used it. (0 points)


Now, do the sum of the points and check out how is your social media channels doing:

Social media expert – 10 to 16 points:

Wow! You really know how to use your social media channels and how to promote your work! Congratulations! Keep doing the good job and you’ll achieve great results!

Social media apprentice  – 5 to 9 points:

You’re very interested on social media and you’ve learned quit a bit about it. With a few more study and some more time dedicated to social media, you can become an expert. Try revising your strategy from time to time and you’ll get there!

Social media freshman – 0 to 4 points:

You’re a beginner in terms of social media use. But don’t worry – there’s still time to learn more about it! The first step is to start start sharing your beautiful work on your social media channels. Once you do it regularly, you’ll begin to see the good results and you won’t stop using it! Cheer up!

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