Proposals season: are you prepared?

Christmas, New Year’s Eve and Valentine’s Day seem to be a very profitable not only for commerce but also for the wedding industry. At this time of the year, the number of proposals usually increases, which is a great opportunity to promote your business.

“We have two proposals seasons – being December during holidays the most intense since our summer. January to March are the most popular months for everything related to wedding celebrations. I get most service requests immediately after the proposal. During December and January, I am usually very busy with initial appointments”, says the wedding planner Judy Amado.

According to the wedding planner Joyce Mnguni, she receives some requests at this time of the year. “We do get to see a lot of couples requesting a quotation, however, it’s usually for the next wedding season. In other words. brides who just got engaged over Christmas and New Year’s Eve are looking 2018 wedding dates – especially because I work with destination weddings. When the couple has an open budget, then they usually requests for dates less than 6 months”, explains the wedding planner Joyce Mnguni.

Tips to promote your brand during Proposals Season

During Proposals Season, it is really important to promote your business – especially if you are a wedding planner. See some tips to do it:

  • The wedding planner Judy Amado usually posts a recap of weddings and events towards the end of the year and again mid year right before proposals season begin. “I use Facebook Ads to reach more people. Mostly I remind through social media what I could do. However, I don’t sell promos or make announcements of any kind offering direct services, discounts or packages”, suggests Judy Amado.
  • Judy Amado also believes that it is not a time to negotiate rates. “Every client, in same conditions, gets my same service rate which is based and fixed on the type of wedding ( ie. destination, local, at location vs. hotel or club, time of planning and number of people attending). I don’t believe or negotiate with vendors commission. I expect best possible rates for my clients and best service to recommend vendors and keep them as preferred vendors”, she claims.
  • Another strategy that might call clients’ attention is to post weddings immediately and influencing through social media. “I usually do it with a carefully thought out post, crediting all vendors”, recommends Judy Amado.
  • The wedding planner Joyce Mnguni likes to work with Instagram. “My strategy is always putting something out on my social media, especially Instagram, because everything is so visual, they get so excited when they see here #newlyengaged. I then go and search for the newly engaged hashtags and comment on a new daily. Some would even send me messages to say thank you and start the conversation like that. This is just one of the few, I do daily”, advises Joyce Mnguni.
  • Don’t forget to check if all of your info and contacts are updated on your social media profiles.

What’s your strategy to get new clients during Proposals Season? Tell us in the comments.

Photo credit: Fabio Fistarol

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