Destination wedding in Mexico: hot tips to plan it

Destination wedding in Mexico

Mexico is one of the most wanted countries for destination weddings – specially for couples that desire a beach wedding. The country offers a lot of advantages for foreign couples who are looking for a destination wedding in Mexico.

“First of all the accessibility from all over the world with international airports, a variety of seasons and sceneries, from sandy beaches to colonial haciendas, gardens, mountains and spectacular modern houses and hotel. On other side, the diversity of activities to do, the culture surrounding it and last but not least, the warmth of its people taking care of their weddings”, says the wedding planner Celeste Aviles.

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According to the wedding planner Leila Perdomo, the currency, specially this year, is very favorable for foreigners. Also, she claims that there are very qualified vendors in the wedding industry, the most beautifull beaches to have a unique scenery for the wedding and for your guests to enjoy their holidays.

Places to get married in Mexico

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Since Mexico offers a lot of beautiful sceneries to get married, what would be the best one for weddings? Leila suggests Riviera Maya and San Miguel de Allende. Celest recommends to choose a place that have a back plan. “I can be a palapa, a ballroom or a restaurant. The ones I offer most are Sirenis, the independent venue, and Grand Coral beach club, at the Riviera Maya”, she states.

Tips for planning a destination wedding in Mexico

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Leila and Celeste give some tips to plan a destionation wedding in Mexico:

– To hire a wedding planner will be the best investment to assure that you will enjoy the wedding, save money and time.

– Send a save the date to your guests at least 6 months in advance.

– Be aware of the documents that you will need to get married – specially if you will have a civil wedding or a religious ceremony.

– Ask local people about the activities, excursions, etc., that you and your guests can do before and after the wedding to have an amazing experience.

– If possible, try to visit the country at least once before the wedding.

– Don’t get overwhelmed by trying to do everything on your own, trust your wedding planner.

– You should arrive to the place at least 3 days before the wedding and do all the payment before you travel.

Best time of the year to get married in Mexico

destination wedding mexicoPhoto: Bernardo Flores – Viva Photography Weddings

According to Celeste, from March to May is the best time for a destination wedding in Mexico. “It’s not as hot as in summer, not rainy, and it’s never winter here”, she declares. Leila agrees with that and she also says that October has the best moons.

Avarage cost for a destination wedding in Mexico

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Celeste says that by her experience, a wedding for 50 guests should cost around 15-19K, depending on the details they want to add up in terms of decoration.

For Leila, it is hard to determine an avarage cost for weddings in Mexico. “You can have two different weddings in the same place and the cost from one wedding could be US$ 5,000 and the other US$ 50,000. It doesn’t mean that one wedding is better than the other, it depends on the number of guests that you have, the music, food, photographer and decoration that you choose (among other vendors)”, she says.

Types of ceremonies

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Foreigners can have all types of ceremonies in Mexico, but civil and religious always require a little more paper work. “In the civil, they need to arrive to the destination at least 2 days before the wedding date to make a blood test, and the judge will require normal official documentation, like passports, tourist visas upon arrival (of the couple’s and the witnesses’ as well). And for the religious ceremony, it depends on the religion. For the Catholic Church, for example, the priests normally get in touch with their origin church to make sure there is no previous marriage and then follow with the confirmation of sacraments, etc. The symbolic doesn’t need much documentation at all”, Celeste explains.

Leila alerts that for religious and civil ceremony you need to start the process at least 3 months before the wedding.

Mexican traditions

wedding in mexicoPhoto: Jacob Araiza – Amorzito Corazon Studio

If you are getting destination wedding in Mexico, do like the Mexicans. Celeste has a few suggestions to introduce a few traditions on your wedding: “I think one of the most beautiful traditions that may be used by foreigners is the Mariachi time, around midnight, before ending the party, Mariachis play from romantic bohemian songs to other upbeat ones like the Mariachi Loco. Another tradition is the midnight snack in which Mexicans normally serve chilaquiles to the guests to diminish the effects of alcohol before leaving the party”.

Leila also reminds other traditions: “Souvenirs for guests, tequila or Mezcal bars, food like tacos or chilaquiles at the end of the wedding. During the Catholic ceremony, mexicans have elements likes arras and lazo that in other countries don’t exist”.

So, now tell us: which mexican tradition would you include on your wedding?

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