Pantone colors 2017: how to use these tones on weddings

Pantone recently announced the top 10 colors for spring 2017.  In conjunction with New York Fashion Week, the PANTONE Fashion Color Report provided an overview of fashion designers’ use of color in their spring 2017 collections. But can the pantone colors be used on weddings?

For the italian wedding planner Valentina Lombardi, all these pantone colors are really likely to be used on weddings. “Especially for Italian weddings. I can say that among them all, the most used could be Primrose Yellow for Spring weddings, Kale and Greenery are very used for countryside weddings maybe added to Pale Dogwood. Pink Yarrow could be very interesting for a summer wedding, especially on the lakes together with Island Paradise, Lapis Blue and Niagara”, says Valentina.

pantone-colors-2017-spring-015Photo: Independent Pictures Photography | Wedding planner: Valentina Lombardi

The mexican wedding planner Guadalupe Alvarez believes that the pantone colors can be used at any kind of wedding, since they are not so extreme. “They are lovely. I would use the first row in outdoor weddings, using the Island Paradise in the bridesmaids’ dresses, on the seats of the ceremony (like the ribbon in the bouquet) and as the color for the menu. The second row’s colors are very vibrant and go very well with my hometown. Flame and Pink Yarrow are colors that we use all the time, they are for the bold and adventurous brides. For me, the blue ones can be used on seats, for bridesmaid’s dresses or menus. I also think that the blues will be used in beach weddings”, suggests Guadalupe.

pantone-colors-2017-spring-017Photo: Eric Suarez | Wedding planner: Guadalupe Alvarez

Valentina recommends to to use ligher shades together with darker accents. “For example: Pale Dogwood with Pink Yarrow and adding also Hazelnut. Or Primrose Yellow with Flame and adding Kale or Greenery. Same for Island Paradise with some Niagara and Lapis blue accents. Mixing the colors with the right shades could create the perfect atmosphere in the right location”, explains Valentina.

Photo: David Bastianoni| Wedding planner: Valentina Lombardi

Pantone colors on real weddings

Valentina says that she used Pink Yarrow with lovely decoration made of peonies enriched with pale Dogwood color created by English roses. “We also had a lot of Greenery created with foliage. The final result was a wonderful English Garden style event with many chic details as window frames used a table plan, lanterns and fairy lights”, she says.

 pantone-colors-2017-spring-014Photo: Independent Pictures Photography | Wedding planner: Valentina Lombardi

Another color used by Valentina was Island Paradise. “We used also a different match Island Paradise flowers of blue hydrangeas with also some other cream flowers, blended with Kale color. All decorations were enriched with olive branches that matched groom’s surname: Olive. Tables named came from different types of Olive trees and little favors were bottles of Italian olive oil. Stationary was all white and Island Paradise blue”, she claims.

pantone colors
Photo: David Bastianoni| Wedding planner: Valentina Lombardi

Guadalupe combined Flame and Pink Yarrow on a recent wedding. “I just used a LOT of the pink and orange in a very fun wedding we produced this wedding in a 16th Century Ranch, Rancho La Capilla. All the buildings were made of stone and the vibrant colors looked amazing contrasting with the stone. We also added some green in foliage, and this pink and orange looked great with gold”, she tells.

pantone-colors-2017-spring-027Photo: Eric Suarez | Wedding planner: Guadalupe Alvarez

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