Must-have online tools for wedding planners

What online tools for wedding planners do you use? Nowadays, wedding planners can benefit from different online tools to manage projects, set timelines for their events, send invoices and control the budget. To help you to choose the best one for your business, we’ve asked Debbie Orwat, founder & chief inspiration officer at Planner’s Lounge, to give some tips and recommend a few programmes. Take a look at her suggestions:


What’s that tool used for? According to Debbie, it is great for event design with a much more professional platform than Pinterest and easy to use and present to clients.
How does it work? With Wecora, it’s possible to creat boards with different types of files (images, documents, and so on) and you can invite collaborators to it. The tool can also be integrated with Dropbox and generate quickbook invoices. It also offers daily secure backup and it might be acessed anywhere.
Price: US$ 25 per month (annual plan).
Does it offer a free trial? Yes, a 14-day free trial.

Aisle Planner

What’s that tool used for? Debbie recommends it for project management for weddings and events.
How does it work? With this tool, you can manage each and every one of your weddings, all in one organized place. You can also set you weddings’ key milestones and due dates on one calendar. This tool also offers the possibility to assign tasks, organize vendors and set a budget. With Aisle Planner, it’s possible to manage every detail of your client’s guest list and to create seating lists. Another feature of Aisle Planner is to create and share style guides and color palettes with other vendors and clients.
Price: plans might vary according to the number of weddings you’re planning. Prices go from US$ 19,99 per month to US$ 69,99 per month.
Does it offer a free trial? Yes, 30-day trial.

Timeline Genius

What’s that tool used for? Debbie also suggests it for project management for weddings and events.
How does it work? With Timeline Genius, you can build a wedding timeline by answering a few basic questions about your upcoming event. Then, Timeline Genius will use that information to give you a custom-made timeline template. With this tool, you can also manage your contacts (clients, venues and vendors) and invite your clients to view their timelines online, and set their access rights for each timeline item.
Price: plans might vary according to the number of timelines you use. Prices go from US$ 29,99 (1 timeline) to US$ 199,90 (10 timelines).
Does it offer a free trial? No.


online tools for wedding planners 17Hats
What’s that tool used for? Debbie describes it as an inexpensive business management and accounting program for solo business owners. It has simple bookkeeping, electronic contracts, invoicing, information gathering, and more.
How does it work? With 17Hats, you can do a lot of tasks in just one place. You can manage multiple projects, get contracts signed, set to-do lists, invoice your clients, sync your e-mail accounts and set a workflow.
Price: plans might vary if you are a new or an existing user and according to the contract period. Prices go from US$ 299 to US$ 499.
Does it offer a free trial?Yes, they have a 15-day trial.
So, tell us: do you use any of these tools for wedding planning? Do you have any other suggestions? Tell us on the comments!
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