Not talking about the virus in Italy, Flying cake and BuzzFeed

italian lakes

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This week we are traveling from Italy all the way to Malaysia. Bringing to you the best from the international wedding industry and the business world. Be ready to click on all the links because there are tons of great things for you today including flying cake and wedding pranks!  



There are a lot of amazing things happening in Italy this semester and we want to share with you some of good Italian and real news. 


italian lakes


Check out 300 beautiful pictures and ideas for a wedding ceremony.
Via Sposi Magazine


Discover all the magic that Capri can offer for a Destination Wedding.
Beliefer Serena Ranieri, Italian Event Planners.


Wedding Planners Congress in Rome.
We are really happy about this initiative by Sanda Pandza especially because the fee of the event is a full donation to Differenza Donna. Congrats to the Beliefers Valentina Lombardi and Stefania Zen that are part of the speakers lineup. 



15 Seriously Funny Wedding Pranks That Deserve A Place In The Hall Of Fame via BuzzFeed
Be ready to imagine yourself as a Wedding Creator in some of these situations. The hell on earth!! 


Event Design Inspiration: 17 Modern Ways to Interpret a Nature Theme
Enchanted forest. Under the sea. Innovative ways to use earth, water, wind, and fire elements.

A huge wedding flying cake X gravity.

Check it out this Malaysian wedding and the amazing production to make this happen.



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