Mexican weddings: why are they so colorful?

colorful mexican weddings cecy pineda belief wedding planners

Have you ever wondered why Mexican weddings are so colorful? I have been in the hospitality industry for about 7 years. My professional career (Tourism Management) gave me the opportunity to love even more my country and to realize the great potential it has.  Life and destiny took me to the weddings’ universe, where I found my true passion. Today, I want to talk about my Mexico and its weddings.

Colorful Mexican weddings

When I talk about color in Mexican weddings it isn’t only literally – color in Mexicans is transmitted by so many things. Let’s take a look!

Hospitality: Red

colorful mexican weddings cecy pineda belief wedding planners
Photo: Ricardo Bencomo

I could write an entire post about the Mexican hospitality! The culture of serving is imprinted on ourselves. We are hospitable to anyone interested in our culture. Even though we are aware of the economic spill that involves having a wedding in our country, let’s be honest: our celebrations don’t last 5 hours, they are complete marathons of food, music and lots of alcohol.

Being truly honest, as a wedding vendor, when we know we’ll have an international celebration we give all of us! We feel very proud of our traditions. Beer, tequila, and tacos are a MUST HAVE in the breakfast we call TORNABODA.

Red for hospitality means passion and love to serve others, to transmit our culture and open our doors to new friends that fly from all over the world to visit MEXICO!

Community: White

colorful mexican weddings cecy pineda belief wedding planners
Photo: Jos Hernandez

When it comes to helping someone, Mexicans are at the top of the list! Although in the wedding industry, we are still learning how to make a community, it is truly gratifying seeing how we, wedding planners, help each other. Whether it’s recommending suppliers, connecting, working as a staff in colleagues’ weddings or even giving events to someone else when work and personal agenda don’t match.

As Mexicans, we understand that weddings are essential for job generation and today we have great examples of wedding vendors who have spent a lifetime dedicated to this field.

White for the community because when another Mexican needs us, we don’t care about religion, social class, education, sex, race, etc. We realized that we are a united nation and #togetherwearestronger, like we showed in the past September 2017 when an earthquake devasted my city.

Destinations: rainbow

colorful mexican weddings cecy pineda belief wedding planners
Photo: Jos Hernandez

Don’t even know where to start! Mexico has everything, we have captivating beaches, enthralling towns, hypnotizing cities, “haciendas” full of good stories, surprising museums, iconic houses that hold memories, destinations that will be the perfect stage to any couple that will say: “I DO, FOREVER”.

Here you can work with any venue, any budget…everything is possible in this country, the sky is the limit! Some years ago, Mexico was considered in the ranking of the best tourist destinations even above France (leading country in tourism). Unfortunately, the insecurity and bad publicity of Mexico abroad have caused its considerable decline in the ranking. Now, it’s our duty to encourage more and more international couples to get married in Mexico! That way, we’ll go up thanks to the WEDDING INDUSTRY!

A rainbow full of colors for destinations because, like I said before, we go from jungle to grown-up cities that enigmatize our visitors!

Culture: Pink

colorful mexican weddings cecy pineda belief wedding planners
Photo: Cristian Salvatierra

As I mentioned in previous lines, the celebrations culture in our country is dictated by our ancestors holidays. Even when it’s a birthday, it will never be forgotten! Hence we are always celebrating – even in the most tragic and sad moments. Mexico is synonymous of festivity, culture, and traditions, this is what captivated foreign couples.

In Mexican weddings, you’ll find traditions, gastronomy, music, tequila and mezcal, many symbols for weddings that had made us too enigmatic for international visitors. Even though, when you are invited to a wedding you always get surprised by the culture and tradition of every family.

Pink for culture because we even have our color called: ROSA MEXICANO, a hot pink color that represents the vibe and the iconic life of a Mexican.

Well, now you why Mexico is so colorful, it is, because every Mexican has a full rainbow heart excited to show you how we live surrounded by traditions, culture, and celebrations.


About the author: Cecy Pineda is from Mexico and it has been a member of the BWP Community for 3 years. She is amazing with social media and was one of the speakers of Belief Retreat 2017 talking specifically about that. To learn more about Cecy and her incredible work in Mexico, visit her profile page here >>


Credits for the opening image: Ricardo Bencomo

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