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This guest post is by Cecy Pineda
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Wow! It’s been a while since I don’t write here at the blog and it’s because this 2018 its been intense, reveal and very different like other years in ONLY ONCE both in the Company and in my personal Brand CECY PINEDA (Click here If you haven’t read me on my website). This year, besides being loaded with inspiration, trends and mainly multicultural weddings, it has also been a vindication and to make the role of the wedding planner in the industry even more known.

Let’s be honest, the figure of it has been distorted by customers, vendors, and the industry itself and it really comes to a point where you try to give the correct message of what a Wedding Planner does, but is frustrating that still not appreciate it. For this reason today I want to let you know, to you my client, to you my vendor and to you my reader, everything that is behind the role of a Wedding Planner.


Human Being and Entrepreneur


First of all, there is a human being who has decided to dedicate his/ her life to organize weddings, remember: HUMAN because even sometimes we feel essentially invincible just like you, we have values, principles and a style that defines us and that we defend, that’s why we deserve the same respect and attention as any other service vendor in any industry.

On the other hand, there is also an entrepreneur who has worked for months, years or decades to grow his/her brand, an entrepreneur who values that having a company is not overnight and after years of work and valuation of it. He/ She establishes a price for what the service is worth and you have to understand that it’s not the fact that we don’t want to go down our prices, it is simply that we value everything we have worked for.



“Human” WORK hours


We are not machines, we are not automatons, neither our staff nor ourselves, behind the price that a Wedding Planner gives there are hours and hours of work in a single wedding, because believe me, WE DONT ONLY SEND EMAILS AND QUOTES, we negotiate, we adapt, many times we beg and move heaven, sea, and land so that our vendors and our allies adapt the budget, accept the proposal or simply block the date while our clients decide even without hiring us.

There are also hours and hours of connection attached to the cell phone and computer, not only talking with you dear client also asking for appointments, anticipating your needs, assembling a menu tests, negotiating prices before sending the quote, asking for discounts, adjustments, requesting to block hours, staff and days from our vendors, so if we do not answer you in a timely manner is not because we do not want to talk to you, it is mainly because we are looking for the right answer to your needs.


Structure, experience and human work


When you hire a Wedding Planner, at least with us, there is a company structure that has taken us to where we are, there are contacts, alliances, systems that you can not change, policies that you can’t jump, but there is also the experience of that which earn working every day, learning from all of you, connecting with the right people to put together a work team to support you on your wedding day, a team that brings the shirt not just the ONLY ONCE shirt, the shirt of your wedding and the professional that represents each one of them

But above all, there is once again, human beings who put soul, body, passion and hours so that every wedding they perform (and here I am talking about all the vendors not only the Wedding Planner) is successful, applauded and for you the best day of your life as a couple.

Yes! The word “human” is the central basis of the article, because sometimes it is forgotten that behind any customer service, there is a person who works on what he/ she loves but also values his/her time, connections and experience.

With passion and common sense,

Cecy Pineda


About the author: Cecy Pineda is from Mexico and it has been a member of the BWP Community for 3 years. She is amazing in social media and was one of the speakers of Belief Retreat 2017 talking specif about that. To learn more about Cecy and her incredible work in Mexico, visit her profile page here >>


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