How to make a great outdoor ceremony?

Many couples dream of having a perfect outdoor ceremony. However, to have your big day without concerns, we’ve prepared some special tips:

Choosing the right venue

The first step to having a perfect outdoor ceremony is choosing the right venue. According to the wedding planner Enrica Frulla, to do that, there are lots of details to be considered, such as audio visual, capacity, time, set up and tear down, etc.

Wedding planner: Juliette Florence Franzé | Photo: Gisselle Photography

However, one of the most important questions is “what it if rains?”. “The most important question is: what is the Plan B? What if it rains? A backup plan is a must. There should be a covered space where the ceremony may take place at the same time and the decorations should be able to be flexible in order to accommodate the backup plan”, says Enrica Frulla.

The wedding planner Juliette Florence Franzé agrees with that: “I will never recommend a location that doesn’t offer a backup area, even if it doesn’t rain; since we have no control on Mother Nature! It is important to have this option available. Imagine if it rains in the middle of the dinner; it will ruin the entire dinner! If the location doesn’t have a backup area; then the couple should have a budget for a tent rental”.

Enrica Frulla also mentions that another point that the couple should take in consideration is to make sure that the wedding will be legally recognized. “If it is not, there are many options for a symbolic ceremony”, she claims.

 Best time of the year for outdoor ceremonies

Wedding planner: Enrica Frulla | Photo: Photospherical Studio

Knowing the weather in your region is also important to choose the best date for your wedding. In Italy, according to Enrica Frulla, summertime is the very best season – June through September.

Juliette Florence Franzé claims that February, March, April & May and as well months of November until mid-December are the best months to get married in Mexico. “Although June & July are beautiful months; it is very hot here! Moonrise during October is gorgeous, however, October is part of the hurricane season. Although there is very few possibility to have a hurricane, it is something that needs to be taken into consideration”, says Juliette Florence Franzé.

Choose the best time for an outdoor ceremony

Wedding planner: Juliette Florence Franzé | Photo: Elena Fedorova Photography

For couples who are getting married in hot regions, it is recommended not to start the ceremony too early. “The temperatures in the Caribbean are very high, especially during summer. So make sure the ceremony doesn’t start too early; I always recommend to start the ceremony an hour before sunset”, says Juliette Florence Franzé.

Enrica Frulla also suggests that late afternoon takes advantage of the beautiful light and cooler temperatures.

Make your guests feel comfortable

Wedding planner: Enrica Frulla | Photo: Photospherical Studio

Enrica Frulla believes that guests should be made to feel welcome. “The couple should always make sure all of their guests are comfortable, not too warm, not too cold, and have adequate seating”, she says.

Juliette Florence Franzé suggests that a good way to make them comfortable when the weather is too hot is to have a fresh flavored water station upon guests arrival, fresh towels and fans! “If the Bride plan to have ceremony programs; then she may combine ceremony program into fan’s shape. Bugs spray may be necessary during raining months and especially at the sunset time”, recommends Juliette Florence Franzé.

For Enrica Frulla, sun umbrellas are always a great idea. “Also, a lovely table with refreshments pre and post ceremony is always appreciated by wedding guests”, claims Enrica Frulla.

Best places for outdoor ceremonies

Wedding planner: Juliette Florence Franzé | Photo: Cecilia Dumas

According to Enrica Frulla, Italy is chock-full of gorgeous spots for outdoor ceremonies. “The most beautiful spaces are those with views of the mountains or the sea”, she declares.

In Mexico, Juliette Florence Franzée believes that Isla Mujeres is the most beautiful place she has ever seen. “As for location: I love Buho’s Beach Club, Zama Beach Club & Zoetry Villa Rolandi”, she suggests.

*First photo credit: Wedding planner: Enrica Frulla | Photo: Photospherical Studio

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