Five hot tips to get featured in the press

Have you done a wonderful wedding and want to show it to the entire world? Being featured in the press is a good way to spread your talent. Here, at Belief Wedding Planners, we’ve been featured in the worldwide press. So we’ve prepared some tips for you to increase your chances to get your materials published:

  1. Go for the real weddings

    Couples like to see other weddings to get inspired and even pick up tips from vendors. Generally, these weddings bring a vendors’ list with all the companies that participated in the wedding. This is an opportunity for you to promote your work.blogs and magazines are more likely to publish real weddings. Some blogs and magazines call for exclusivity in the publication of the weddings – this means that they only agree to publish weddings that have not been published anywhere else before. Some even set a deadline for it not to be featured anywhere else. Some other blogs only publish real weddings from their sponsors – you just have to find the right ones and keep a good partnership.

  2. Great images will do a great job

    Each blog works with a specific image size: to ensure that your images are the right size, it’s good to always ask the blog or magazine. Few photos do not help tell the story of the wedding, while too many photos might end up hampering the work of blogs. In general, blogs ask for between 50 and 100 photos per wedding – it’s important to select photos from different moments of the wedding (making of, decoration of the ceremony, entrance of the flower girls and ring bearers, entrance of the bride and groom, ceremony, bride and groom, reception decoration (with various details such as cake, sweets, Etc.), toast, cake cutting, first dance of the couple, bouquet and party time. The photos sent must be authorized by the bride and groom and the photographers. Many blogs and magazines do not publish photos with the photographer’s watermark or only publish when the logo is more discreet.

  3. Real weddings should have a good story too

    This is an extremely important point for the press to publish weddings and it might be decisive for your material to be published or not. For this part, you will need good help from your clients – the couple. They will be able to provide some information that is essential for the press to create more engaging texts. After all, the publication of a wedding is nothing more than a good love story being told.

    Some vehicles have their own questionnaire to fill in. But for those who do not, it is important to tell a bit of the story of the couple (how they met, how they got engaged, etc), something about the experience of organizing this event, about the wedding concept, vendors’ list, about the wedding day and other details that might help the public to connect to the stories that are being told.

  4. Events for the press or for the brides

One of the ways to have a good rapport with the press is through the events. You make your own event and it can be targeted to the press or to brides (with the presence of journalists and bloggers). When planning your event, try to do something totally different from what has been done by the industry and stand out. Creative events that explore the experience of the couple or the press on a particular subject can be a good way out! Let your creativity work and make an event that the bride and groom will not refuse!

5. Styled Photoshoots

One of the possibilities to promote your work in the media is to do styled photo shoots – if you can do it partnership with the blog or magazine, even better. Sometimes, they charge to produce/publish a styled photo shoot. It’s good to see how it works on a case-by-case basis.

Do you have other tips to be featured in the press? Share with us in the comments!

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