High and low season for weddings

If you’re starting to plan your wedding and do not want to spend more than you are able to , here’s a really useful tip: try to find the low season for weddings in your town. It’ll probably help you to save some money and not to go over your budget.

The low season for wedding might vary from region to region. We’ve asked some wedding planners to know when are the high and low seasons for some countries:


According to the wedding planner Kimberly Watkins, the off-season months for weddings in America are November, March, and July. On the other hand, spring and fall are the high seasons for American weddings. During low seasons, Kimberly says that wedding venues are more likely to give discounts.



For the British couples, winter is the least favorite season for weddings. “Brides like to have their weddings in open space & during winter it rains constantly, so they’re limited to having their big day indoors”, explains the wedding planner Tracey Williams. On the other hand, summer months are the most popular for weddings in England. “That’s because our brides then have a freedom of choice in all aspects of their big day!”, says Tracey. According to Tracey, florists are more likely to give discounts on winter weddings, because they have perishable stock that will not last.

Puerto Rico and Caribbean

If you’re planning a wedding in the Caribbean, you should pay attention to the wedding planner Maribel Ramirez’s tips: “In terms of availability and traffic, the high season starts with the Thanksgiving celebrations and lasts all the way to Spring Break.  The mid-season lasts from April to July and the lowest from August to the beginning of November”.


If you’re planning a wedding on Thailand, you must know that the weather can be quite unpredictable. “We never know when the tropics will deliver a downpour. Although August in Samui is their best month, like a European summer”, says the wedding planner Jeanette Skelton.

Best days for low budget weddings

According to a survey from Wedding Wire, the most popular days for weddings are Saturday – which probably makes it a little more expensive. Midweek weddings might offer some nice discounts for couples.


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