Destination weddings in Norway

When you think about getting married in Norway, what comes into your mind? Maybe the fjords, the snow or the beautiful mountains…the truth is that this country has plenty of amazing options and places for a wedding. Check out some valuable tips for destination weddings in Norway with the wedding planner Thomas B. Dahlberg.

Best time of the year

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One thing you should be careful about when you choose to get married in Norway is the weather. “It is very unpredictable in certain cities and areas. It is important to do some good research about the city you are interested in. But also remember that rain on the wedding day brings good luck for the marriage according to old superstition”, says the wedding planner Thomas Dahlberg.

According to Thomas B. Dahlberg, the whole year is a wedding season in Norway. “You would have a magical Winter Wonderland wedding in the mountains during winter or a beautiful floral and green ‘Summerflirt’ by the fjords or in the cities during summer”, he explains.  

Places for destination weddings in Norway

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The wedding planner Thomas Dahlberg has a few suggestions for couples  who are planning to get married in Norway:

Lofoten: this archipelago is known for its excellent fishing conditions and spectacular natural attractions such as the aurora borealis and midnight sun, as well as small villages that do not appear on conventional tour itineraries.

Bergen: known as a UNESCO World Heritage City and a European City of Culture, Bergen is the Gateway to the Fjords of Norway and it also has a beautiful sea view.

Geilo: with a population of about 2,500 inhabitants, Geilo is located halfway between Oslo and Bergen. It is a well-known ski resort in Norway, but it also offers some beautiful landscapes for hiking.

destination weddings norway

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Sogn: this area was called by National Geographic Traveler magazine as the “the world’s most iconic destination”. Since it has many mountains and fjords, it offers many activities such as glacier walking, fjords cruising, kayaking and snowshoe hiking.

Hardangerfjord: it is definitely a place for adventurers. Hardangerfjord is the fourth longest fjord in the world and the second longest in Norway. There, you can also hike to Trolltunga or do guided blue ice hikes on Folgefonna glacier.

What are the main wedding traditions in Norway?

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The weddings in Norway have several peculiar traditions. The wedding planner Thomas Dahlberg has told us some of them:

  • Church weddings;
  • The bride’s father, brother or uncle give the bride away;
  • The groom is the one in charge of ordering the bridal flowers;
  • The newlywed couple will always slice the first piece of cake;
  • When the guests tap the glass with cutlery to make a “klirring” noise, the couple has to get up on their chairs and kiss;
  • When the guests “clap” the table with cutlery or hands, the parents of the couple get on their chairs and kiss;
  • When all the guests stomp their feet, the couple should go under the table and kiss;
  • When the bride goes to the toilet – single man go up to the bride and kiss her on the cheek;
  • When the groom goes to the toilet – single ladies go up to the bride and kiss her on the cheek.


How much does it cost a wedding in Norway?

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According to Thomas B. Dahlberg, some statistics say the average Norwegian wedding is approximately 3000 NOK (US$ 383) per guest. “On a wedding for 60 people, you usually spend an average between 150.000-180.000 NOK (from US$ 19.000 to US$ 23.000)”, he claims.

Legal paperwork needed to get married in Norway

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The wedding planner Thomas B. Dahlberg says that to get married in Norway, it is required to have an engagement declaration and marriage certificate.

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