How to create an effective team?

Working with a great team is crutial for your business – whether if it is your own staff or other vendors,  no wedding is done alone. We all know that having great people on your side is really impactful on the sucess of the event. So we talked to a few wedding plannners to learn some of their secrets to build an effective team.

Have trustworthy people on your side

Working on events sometimes can be really stressful. Because of that, many wedding planners decide to work with trustworthy and close people. The wedding planner Valentina Lombardi, for example, works with her husband, Ernesto. “I have the luck to work with him. He is always behind the scenes to coordinate logistics, finance, paperwork, payments, side activities, accommodation etc. So on the day we are always present to give total support to our group. We also have a wonderful assistant Silvia who manage herself some weddings: She is always so helpful and caring!”, says Valentina.

The wedding planner Belen Esquivel also chose to have a friend to work with. “My best friend is my personal assistant for six years now”, she comments.

Each wedding requires different types of skills

The wedding planner Rui Mota Pinto has two people working regularly with him, but he also adapts his staff according to each wedding . “Those colleagues are all my support and they are a great add on and help trough out all the process.As for the teams that assist me in the weddings they are picked regarding the concept and needs of each wedding and couple”, tells Rui Mota Pinto.

Anna Laudanska also believes that each wedding has personal needs and requests. “You shall never monopolize your choices. Customers are different, they have different needs, they need different approach. For that reason, we have a few collaborators of each profession. By talking to our couples, we know best who suits their style and their way they like to communicate. So called ‘chemistry’ on all levels (starting from Crete for Love Wedding Planners through our florists, photographer, make-up and hair stylists and many many others) is a clue to the successful HAPPY ENDING when the wedding is conducted smoothly with all parties being fully involved and satisfied, becoming friends!”, says Anna Laudanska.

Rosalina Torres says that in her company, they have a professional team of vendors in every category. “The suppliers to be recommended are selected base on their professionalism, experience in the industry, good reputation, excellent relationship and communication skills, technology oriented, fluent in English and Spanish, among many  important elements. Also, the vendors that are part of our team have passion for their work and are able to analyze and understand the needs and expectation of each couple working as a team”, she mentions.

Open-minded people are the best

For the wedding planner Anna Laudanska, it is important to work with open-minded people (no matter if it is from your own team or other vendors). “People who want to work only the way they have learnt through decades, they are hard to collaborate with. They shall be quick with communication and innovative. You can explain many things but your vendors shall take the initiative and be creative. We should have the same taste and perception of serving customers. Some people do their job properly but there is no flow or their results are ‘just’ proper without any ‘WOW’ effect. Proper means boring at some point and it is dangerous for the growth of any business. In order to grow you need people who want to improve, to listen and to offer solutions, new ideas, new implementations. You do not want to copy what others do. You want to set some trends, educate your local market, show ideas so your customers dare trying. This needs flexibility, fast speed and creativity. You need to learn fast, deliver without too many mistakes so the rest enjoys working with you”, states Anna Laudanska.

Common goals

Wedding planner: Rui Mota Pinto | Photo: Staff

Making sure that you and your staff have common goals is also really important. “You need to work with people who are really interested in organizing weddings/events and who are very conscious about the rules of hospitality businesses. They have to multitask and be open to new challenges. They shall be well-organized and be able to deliver on time. If we are all on the same page and our goals are common to provide the best result, you’ll be able to overcome big problems. Common respect and the ability to listen to each other are the core of a successful team”, Anna Laudanska suggests.

Regarding the other vendors, the wedding planner Valentina Lombardi believes that the key to have a successful wedding is to involve them as much as it is possible. “We have the group of professionals we work with: photographers, floral designers, caterers, musicians etc. They are selected by our couples among the ones we suggest. I always involve them as much as I can! The success of an event is always based on team work between us and the couples but also among couples, us and all of our great professionals”, Valentina concludes.

Give an opportunity for new talents

The wedding planner Rui Mota Pinto has some agreements with schools from Portugal and Switzerland to receive students for professional internships. “Each year, I have 4 to 6 internships and those are the future assistants in the weddings. This way I have a database of professionals that were formed by me, have the same concept of work, the same values and know the procedures and the way I think and plan a wedding. On the other hand, I can give trained professionals to the market allowing students to have a real work experience and to get knowledge from my experience”, he explains.

What are your tips to create a great team? Tell us about it!

(First photo credit – Wedding planner: Valentina Lombardi | Photo: Independent Pictures)

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