How to build a good network?

The poet John Donne used to say that “no man is an island”. And we totally agree with that! The Belief’s Retreat is right around the corner and it is a huge opportunity for you to increase your network. But even if you can’t attend it, we all know that the industry is full of opportunities to share your experiences and make new contacts.

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For the wedding planner Cecilia Reyes, networking helps the professionals to grow. “It allows us to find new partners for our business from new suppliers to people can help us grow in ways that we didn’t image before”, she mentions.

On Krizia Diaz’s opinion, the benefits of networking go beyond. “It helps you in so many ways, from your business to your personal life. Building a network for me is a huge Brain Storming workshop, of course!”, she explains.

Tips to improve your networking skills

Wedding planner: Cecilia Reyes |Photo: Nick Jimenez

In order to make you a “networking pro”, our members have a few lovely tips to share:

Be open minded and prepare yourself!

When attending a Networking Event you must go with an open mind in order to be able to see different point of views. “Have a target in mind, whether knowing new professionals, building new relationships,  share your ideas with others  (ok, just share a hint!) or seizing new strategies from the audience. Of course, more minds think better than one, right? So, If I go to a  networking event and I have these ideas in the back of my head, over and over, I want to talk about it to know what other entrepreneurs think!”, says Krizia Diaz.

Before attending an important event, it is also important to do some previous research. “When starting a conversation, always be sure you are well known in the topic you are starting. Be an expert, and that is when YOU will become a person of interest to others! If you know who is attending or speaking, go to their Facebook/Instagram/Website so you can start a conversation once you introduce yourself to them. And, of course, bring ENOUGH professional business cards. Always with your company name, your name, phone number and email”, suggests Krizia Diaz.

Be true to yourself and to the others

For Cecilia Reyes, honesty is the best tip. “Be honest with who you are, with what you can offer, what you can do – not only with other vendors and wedding planners, also with your clients and to yourself! It might take some time before people figure out when something is not right, but once they do most, of the people don’t come back to someone who was not clear to them. You probably will not like everyone, and you know, it is fine! A perfume is not for everyone”, states Cecilia Reyes.

Krizia Diaz also has a good advice: “Embrace your personality!! There is nothing sexier than having high self-esteem. People notice it!  Don’t be introverted! When attending a networking event you must be confident in you and in your ideas and business”.

Wedding planner: Krizia Diaz| Photo: Vanessa Velez Photography

Be prepared to share, collaborate and encourage other people

You can be encouraged by other entrepreneurs. “Someone can be very interested in collaborating with you because of your idea, or you can be interested in someone else’s idea or business. Personality is a must, so embrace it!!”, exclaims Krizia Diaz.

Krizia Diaz also believes that by talking to other entrepreneurs or an expert in their field you end up having these amazing different points of view/strategies that you can adapt to your business. “Every time I know there is a networking, I schedule and attend it to do some networking. I have built so many incredible relationships all over the world because of networking! The liaison we have created is a collaborative relationship, you never know when you may need that person!! Networking has encouraged my business to be able to have more than one perspective in our company goals, projects, and even our team”, she celebrates.

After the event, send an e-mail or invite them for a coffee

 Wedding planner: Cecilia Reyes |Photo: Nick Jimenez

After the event, always email everybody that you thought was interesting.  “Greet them about how amazing it was to talk and get to know them. Let them know that you are willing to collaborate or build a relationship. Who doesn’t like free help? Everybody! With that simple email and link/or idea,  your person of interest will remember you even more! Within one week of the event send another email (this time with no link or another idea)”, advises Krizia Diaz.

The wedding planner also shared with us a good example of an e-mail:

    Hi Anee!

     It was amazing meeting you yesterday at the “ f I I l   t h e   s p a c e ”.

Your  “  f I l l   t h e   s p a c e ” project is very interesting.  I was thinking about the project and

  I read this article that may help you more! (share the link). Or share and idea to them.

     Wishing you the best.

     Here is our contact information,

     Krizia Diaz |   |  787-451-2475

     Kind Regards

     Krizia Diaz

    Event Planner  & Designer

Another good way to build a relationship is to invite the person for a coffee or a lunch. “This way, you can have a more personal conversation and get to know more of each other. Within that genuine process on building that relationship the key is COLLA BORATION. When building a relationship it’s very significant that this relationship has to be genuine” says Krizia Diaz.

What about you? What are your tips for networking? Share with us!

(First photo credit: Wedding planner: Krizia Diaz| Photo: Vanessa Velez Photography)

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