Belief Awards: see the most amazing worldwide weddings

The Belief Awards reached its seventh edition! Yay! On this edition, we have a whole bunch of good stories and inspiring weddings around the world! Take a look at the winners of our international online contest:


A luxurious rosé gold wedding in Mexico

Miriam and José met each other eight years ago – they had been dating for seven years whe he asked the big question. “They are a very lovely couple that understand each other. She is very creative, and he si the math boy. They radiate love, friendship and eternity”, says the wedding planner Cecilia Pineda Rosas.

According to Cecilia, as the bride is really creative, she was totally involved in the creation of the wedding concept. “She is definitely very artistic (she is a professional make-up artist) and her favorite color is the rosé gold. So the color palette had this color, silver & dark gray. Definitely, she is a trend maker because here in Mexico we still don’t have lots of things in that color, so basically she created everything. The flower art was vital in this wedding to create the concept – very sober, elegant, luxurious and stylish”, explains Cecilia Pineda Rosas.

The biggest challenge for this wedding was the number of guests – 650. “It is always  a challenge, but everything was as stunning as the bride wanted it”, claims Cecilia Pineda Rosas.

Earth-centered and spiritual wedding in Costa Rica

Trudy and Brandt Collings had been married for 4 years when they met the wedding planner Marianne Fischel. “They wanted to celebrate their 5th anniversary and 10 years together. Both were originally from Florida, North and South. They met at a festival and started dating a few months after that. Their love for plants and their medicine has taken them to California where Trudy co-owns an ayurveda inspired line of beauty items and Brandt is an entrepreneur in organic farming. So we thought that Santa Teresa Beach, in Costa Rica, and Hotel Florblanca were the perfect match for them with the yoga, surf, nature and laid-back feeling”, explains Marianne Fischel.

The couple came with 70 of their friends and family to enjoy a week in sun and white beaches of Costa Rica. “We planned a fun costa rican barbecue on the beach with a live reggae band the day before”, remembers Marianne Fischel.

Their wedding was filled meaningful traditions from around the world, love and laughter. “The concept came from a lot of different traditions together to make one, earth-centered and spirtual, remaining non-religious. It was meant to be bold and colorful, inspired by hindu, buddhist, and plant medicine traditions”, states Marianne Fischel.

Warm and cozy atmosphere in Ecuador

Rosalía and Juan Pablo met each other in 2015, after two friends of Juan Pablo planned a date so that both know each other. “They spent five months without knowing anything about each other until one day they met again; he did not hesitate that day to know that she was the woman of his life. Since that day they have not been separated again. He asked to be his wife in Miami on July 21, 2016 and a year later they received God’s blessing in a Catholic ceremony on July 22, 2017, where they promised to love each other for life”, says the wedding planner Ruby Rodriguez.

The ecuadorian wedding was designed in a totally relaxed concept. “The bride and groom wanted their guests to enjoy a warm, cozy and at the same time very fresh atmosphere. For this reason the wedding took place outdoors”, says the wedding planner Ruby Rodriguez. To achieve this goal, the decor used elements such as string lights, lots of wood, fresh natural drinks and custom details with the rustic chic style. The chosen colors were the green the white and the blue.

Provençal wedding

Emi and Sébastien, a Franco-American couple, wanted to get married inthe superb Domaine de Sarson which is located in Grignan, Drôme Provençale, France. They decided to to unite in the sun without suffering from the heat of french summer. So they chose the weekend of 7th, 8th and 9th October 2016 and the wedding planner Aurélie Olarte y Roman organized everything fot hem.

The wedding began on Friday, in a pretty vineyard. There, they had a welcome dinner for they guests around a large barbecue and a paella. Then, on Saturday, October 8th, they had a secular ceremony in the very beautiful outside spaces of the reception place, including reminders to the Jewish traditions which are the roots of Emi. “They wanted to seal their union, surrounded by 130 guests mainly from America, France and other corners of the globe”, says the wedding planner Aurélie Olarte y Roman. Finally, on Sunday they could still enjoy their loved ones a few hours during the brunch.
The wind was one of the main challenges at this wedding. “We braved for the installation of the decoration of the secular ceremony! Everything held and in spite of the coolness of the evening because of that, the atmosphere was at the rendezvous thanks to the group of music Manouche!”, claims Aurélie Olarte y Roman.

Same-sex wedding in Portugal

Lisa and Marina met occasionally in Berlin. And this city marked their lives forever. Traveling is one of the favorite activities of the couple. So, one day they came to Portugal, the country of great travelers, to implement the most important decision in their relationship. “They are both from Moscow, but the same-sex marriage is not allowed in Russia. However, it was very important for the brides to be registered and recognized officially, that is why Lisa and Marina chose Portugal. It was quite emotional to make this alliance happen. Above all, it was made a cozy party for 15 people who enjoyed incredibly tasty catering”, says the wedding planner Viktoriia Ignateva.

The concept of this wedding came from the Rustic chic. “One of the most important and even crucial elements turned out to be the wedding bouquet. The objective in some ways was to reproduce the old master paintings using David Austin roses”, explains Viktoriia Ignateva.


The mexican parade

In San Miguel Allende (Mexico), it is really common for newlyweds and their guests to do a parade with the donkey Benito, Mojigangas ( the puppets ) and a Mariachi. On this photo, they stopped in front of themain church to take a picture. “Right at that moment, Benito thought it would be a great idea to try to eat the bride’s bouquet”, jokes the wedding planner Guadalupe Alvarez.

A weekend at the beach

This couple chose a brazilian beautiful beach because they wanted to spend all the weekend together with family and friends. “The weekend started on Friday with a luau on the beach, the wedding itself on Saturday and a brunch on Sunday. Also because it’s a very quiet beach, and really beautiful”, tells the wedding planner Samantha Cooley.
This photo was taken just after the ceremony, they wanted to catch the sunset together before the party.

The Guatemalan volcanoes as a scenario

The photo was taken in Lake Atitlan, which is about a 3 hour drive from the capital of Guatemala. According to the wedding planner Pilu Delgado, due to the rain, they had to do the photo session onto 6 AM next morning – it had to be that early because if not, the mist would cover all volcanoes and the lake.

A magical atmosphere in El Salvador

On this wedding, the bride wanted all magical, so the wedding planner  Belen Esquivel designed a dance floor with flowers inside. At the moment of this photo, the confetti was popping out while the couple had their first dance. “The wedding was designed transforming an entire ballroom at the hotel, we designed a white floor custom made for this wedding to make an all white atmosphere, covering the hotel’s rug. This was the biggest challenge”, explains Belen Esquivel.

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