Belief Awards: the most beautiful weddings around the world

The 8th edition of Belief Awards has taken us on a journey among the most stunning weddings around the world – from America to the Middle East, it honors the best and most moving weddings across the globe.

On this edition, 14 wedding planners, from 9 countries were awarded. The chosen weddings show a great mix of cultures and breath-taking scenarios around the world.

Take a ride with us through this amazing international journey and meet the most breath-taking weddings around the globe! Don’t forget to enjoy the view!



wedding in guatemala pilu delgado

Andrew and Lia are part of the medical missionaries group that come each year to Guatemala to help out with the kids and the families at the villages that are less fortunate. They are both from the United States but because of their close relationship with Guatemala, they wanted to show every one of their friends and family what brings them to Guatemala every year. “That’s the main reason why they wanted to include all decorations and typical Guatemalan details for their big day”, tells Pilu Delgado, the wedding planner in charge of this wedding.

From the start, showing off Guatemala and its traditions were the main thing for Lia & Andrew. This was done not only by the beautiful work of the decoration team but also through the Mayan ceremony blessing with a Shaman, an amazing Guatemalan menu with a star corn soup with Zacapa Rum and a typical Latin American dessert as “tres leches”. The welcome space was designed with the mix of masks, corn, cages and beautiful Guatemalan typical flowers with a gigantic wooden giraffe, as for the tables, the colorful textiles were presented as runners on the rounded tables combining with the “tecolotes” (owls), chicken bus figures and small giraffes as well as colorful flowers. The bride & groom chairs, an amazing decoration including black corn, typical in Guatemala were just stunning.


On the 8th Edition of Belief Awards, there were two winning weddings from Mexico. Arriba!

wedding san miguel de allende mexico

The first awarded wedding took place in San Miguel de Allende. The couple Victoria and Greg met in Dallas, US, and they decided to get married in Mexico because Victoria’s sister got married in San Miguel de Allende a few years ago and she wanted to have the amazing experience that her sister had.

This photo won the Black + White category of Belief Awards. According to the wedding planner Guadalupe Alvarez,  was a candid moment in between a portrait session with the bride and the ceremony. “Victoria was admiring the decor and bathing in the moment of her wedding day”, tells Guadalupe.

wedding riviera maya mexico

The other awarded wedding happened in Tulum and it won the Wedding Concept category of Belief Awards. The wedding lasted two days and it took place in a Hotel & Spa. On the first day, they had the legal wedding ceremony at the garden area decorated with dream catchers the sunset ceremony was the highlight of the day, followed by a cocktail by the beach.  On the other day, there was a Mayan wedding ceremony on the beach.

Since Tulum is very bohemian, the concept of this wedding needed to blend in with the natural look and feel of the area. “We had a gypset style with a boho vibe. Lots of dream catchers, wood and a mix of modern details for a cool, eclectic fusion”, explains Ilse Diamant, the wedding planner in charge.


wedding in new york

This couple simply stopped the traffic in New York and for that, they got awarded in the Special Photo category. According to the wedding planner Jacqueline Vazquez, this photo is mostly a credit for the photographer. “This photo is one of my favorites from 2017! Though full disclosure, I made them walk back and forth like 3 times to get it just right! So, what made the final one good enough to not ask them to do it again? The NYC taxi cab”, says Bobbi, the photographer.

Jacqueline also tells that the wedding was intimate and special to the couple starting with the ceremony taking place at a NYC Historic Church (Church of the Incarnation). “The venue was not the usual ballroom or banquet style, they selected a favorite NYC spot, Little Beet Table a restaurant in Park Avenue”, she comments.



The greek weddings were really popular in this edition of Belief Awards!

wedding greece

The wedding planner Anna Laudanska got awarded in main concept category with a beautiful wedding in Crete.The wedding was around floral motives. “Lots of different floral compositions spread around 2 wedding venues, it was a MUST! The bride was very particular about the range of colors from white through light pink, light shades of purple and burgundy. All flowers had to have a different structure to break the monotony and bring the playful and creative feeling to this wedding decoration. Their wedding stationery was customized with their name logotype and soft colors, including gold touches”, Anna explains.

greek wedding ceremony

It seems like we have a major winner in Greece – Anna Laudanska also got awarded in the Cultural Wedding category. This time, she came up with a really traditional Greek wedding. Can we call it a “big fat greek wedding?” Probably, yes!

The wedding took place in the village where the bride’s father was born and where a big part of her family lives. “It was a traditional Greek-Orthodox church ceremony with Stefana (headbands exchange) and lots of rice. It was a big destination wedding with 200 Greek and 100 Americans attending. The couple wanted to have their Big Fat Greek wedding as much as possible with Greek traditional flow: many people, lots of food, Cretan dancing, loud music, and feast till dawn”, tells Anna.


Italy is definitely a good candidate when we talk about the Belief Awards – this time, three Italian wedding planners got awarded.

wedding lake como italy

What would you do if it rained on your wedding day? Well, we can say that this couple enjoyed it. But it wasn’t that easy – but the wedding planner Valentina Lombardi decided to submit this photo for Belief Awards as a challenge.

“For some reasons, wedding planners do not want to show photos of rainy weddings….but this is something that can happen! And I’ve sent the photo to the contest as a challenge! I’m so happy that it won as Special Photo because even if rain can change a lot in original plans at the end the final result can be more than you can expect. Rain changed many plans we had on the day, outdoor aperitif, boat trip….we made all possible anyway and Hannah and Kai had the best day ever!”, claims Valentina.

wedding italy

On this edition, the wedding planner Sandra Santoro got awarded in two categories: Wedding Concept and Special Photo category. The two weddings show all kinds of beautiful scenarios that Italy has to offer.

bridesmaids wedding italy

The wedding planner Alessandra Marchetti also won the Wedding Concept category with a wedding from a Canadian couple who wanted a chic, boho and romantic wedding. “They had never seen the venue before the wedding and decided to surprise their parents, relatives, and friends with an unexpected and super romantic wedding in the wood in the beauty of Tuscany. Everything was studied in details – the dominant colors were grey and olive green. Everything was just perfect thanks also to the talented florist: Janna Brown”, explains Alessandra.


weddings in portugal

For the wedding planner Rui Mota Pinto, winner of the Wedding Concept and Black+White category, this wedding was undoubtedly one that best reflects him as a professional and where his greatest identity can be observed. “It was really amazing and all the decoration, the animation was huge and all the details we thought to create a concept where 2 cultures (the bride is Brazilian and the groom Angolan) would meet and 3 very different ways of thinking a wedding would get together in one only an incredible day. I will never forget it. For more than one year, I conceptualized together with Josiane and Bruno this day and that was the reflection of who they are, their roots, their culture and what each of them had idealized for this day”, explains Rui.

This wedding had three major vectors:  a junction between the modern and the classic; a strong reference to the roots and traditions of the bride and groom; and a strand of spectacle with lots of animation and light and color. “I’ve created a concept that was based on abundant flowers and visual effects ‘WOW!’. This was much influenced by the bride and the Brazilian vision, which I love so much, with many flowers and where the visual question assumes enormous importance. And the food has an extreme importance for the Angolan culture”, says Rui.


wedding france

Camille and Aurélien are two very creative young people, who live in Paris. They chose to get married in Provence, in the heart of the Alpilles. “It’s inevitably this idyllic place they chose to get married!!”, tells Aurélie Olarte y Roman, the wedding planner in charge of this wedding.

This wedding got awarded in the Black + White category of Belief Awards. Ath the moment of the photo, the bride was rather embarrassed. “Damien and Lorène, the photographers, relaxed our newlyweds by making them dance! And this is what gave rise to this beautiful picture!”, says Aurélie.


South Africa

Wow! South Africa simply nailed this edition with four winning weddings! Isn’t it amazing?

south africa wedding decoration

The wedding planners Sunelle & Margaux van den Berg got awarded with a lovely outdoor wedding with the amazing natural surrounds of the forest. “The venue is naturally stunning, nestled in a wooded area on a farm just outside of Caledon. The idea was for all the floral details at the wedding to look like it would naturally occur in a field or forest. None of the centerpieces on the tables were too structured and it gave the idea that someone strolled through the field and simply picked bunches to put on the tables”, explains Sunelle and Margaux.

wedding in south africa

The wedding planner Niki Steenkamp was awarded for the Destination Wedding category. The couple celebrated their wedding day at Olive Rock in Wolseley, South Africa, with lots of fun.

weddings south africa

The wedding planner Cara McLaughlin got awarded in two categories on this edition – Destination Wedding and Cultural the Wedding. For the first one, although the couple lives in the UK, they have family that lives in South Africa, so they decided on Brenaissance (Cape Town) to exchange their vows. “They chose a beautiful wedding venue in Stellenbosch. It has a lovely chapel on the premises for a wedding ceremony. Their gardens are very well manicured lawns and are were perfect for lawn games. The surrounding area is really stunning and has the most amazing mountain views of Stellenbosch”, tells Cara.

The wedding awarded on the Cultural category shows a mix of religions. They had a special ceremony with all the traditional Hindu parts of the ceremony. “It involves a lot of the family which makes it very intimate. Sarju had beautiful henna done on her hands. Carl wore traditional Hindu attire for Sarju for their wedding vows and then changed into a traditional western suit for the reception”, explains Cara.



Switzerland destination wedding

This wedding, winner of the Destination Wedding category, brings out a mix of cultures – it happened in Montreux, Switzerland, but the couple is Lebanese – as well as the wedding planner, Elie Berchan. “They wanted to have a unique and special ceremony.  The couple welcomed friends from all over the world, it was something quite special to see”, explains Elie.

The wedding took place in an enchanting castle in Montreux. “What’s even more special is that this was the first time in over 50 years that the castle doors were open for a wedding ceremony, as this is now only used for universities”, says Elie. The wedding was a 3-day event – on the first day, there was a reception dinner at the Swiss Majestic Palace in Montreux. On the second day, the wedding ceremony and dinner were held followed by an after party – where an entire train was booked.On the third and final day, there was a private boat ride on the “Lake Leman” or “Lake Geneva”, accompanied by gourmet food brought all the way from Lebanon. Isn’t it amazing?

So, tell us – what are you favorite weddings among the winners?

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