Belief Awards: six amazing photos for inspiring wedding stories

Belief Awards always reveals terrific weddings from all over the world. On the 5th edition, it was not different! The Special Photo Category awarded six amazing wedding photos. Check out the inspiring stories behind them:

1. Tossing the ricesp003_valentina-lombardi_italy-wedding-awards

Riccardo is Italian and Kia is Swedish. They wanted to get married in Italy in honor to Riccardo’s heritage. This photo represents an iconic moment in Italian weddings. “Guests wait for the just married couple outside the church with some rice on their hands. Tossing them with rice is the best way in Italy to wish them good luck! Every traditional Italian wedding has a moment like this and it is surely one of the most fun”, says Valentina Lombardi, the wedding planner in charge of this wedding.

2. Vineyard view


The wedding of the Brazilian couple, Mariana and Thiago, happened in Paço Calheiros, Ponte de Lima – Portugal. According to Rui Mota Pinto, the wedding planner in charge of this wedding, the concept was to have a typical Portuguese wedding, with traditional references but it also had that amazing spirit of fun and happiness that only brazilians have. The moment when this photo was taken was actually long wanted and planned by the photographers. “We have already seen the place on the week before the wedding, and we knew what time the sun would be at the horizon so we could have that perfect and gold light. We wanted them to be in a way integrated with the place they chose to get married. One picture that could describe the whole day, their whole wedding, that was our main goal”, says Nathan Thrall and Flora Thrall.

3. Guatemala’s hidden treasures


Ignacio Solares and Ana Lucia Rodriguez chose for their wedding the theme fairy tale forest adventure. According to the wedding planner Ingrid Labbé, the house in the picture is a ruin that dates back to the colonial times in Antigua Guatemala. It belongs to the extended family of the groom, and it captures Guatemala’s rich history and hidden treasures.

4. Gates open to happiness


Italy is a specially charming country and we all know that! For this wedding, planned by Sandra Santoro in Firenze, the couple took advantage of the beautiful scenarios in the city. Lovely!

5. An outdoor wedding in a chapel


If you told us that it is possible to do an outdoor wedding in a church, we would not believe you! But the wedding planner Belen Esquivel did it! The bride wanted something modern but romantic and that would combine with nature. The couple chose the Cardedeu Chapel, that is surrounded by the mountains and has an unique architecture.

6. Straight from the Empire State Building


New York might be a great scenario for weddings and photoshoots. On this wedding, planned by Jacqueline Vazquez, the couple decided to have their first look at the Empire State Building, because they had their first date there. “On the wedding day with the help of one of my sisters, we were able to do our first look and surprise Raul on the top of the Empire State Building.  It represented the place where we fell in love”, says the bride Meriann.

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