Belief Awards: 57 images that are out-of-this-world

Belief Awards 9th edition

Planning a wedding requires a pinch of courage and patience, lots of creativity and planning skills. It is probably one of the hardest, but most enchanting jobs in the world. To honor these professionals, Belief Wedding Planners, an international community for wedding planners around the world, released its latest collection of award-winning images: Belief Awards.

On the 9th edition, more than 400 entries, from 26 countries, were received from April to June. 18 wedding planners, from 11 countries (5 continents – Asia, Europe, South America, North America and Africa), made to the final cut.

“This edition of Belief Awards was by far the biggest and better that we had until now. I’m proud of our community and inspired by each one of our members. They’ve been doing such an amazing work worldwide and we can already see the changes into the international wedding industry”, says Giovana Duailibe, CEO of Belief Wedding Planners.

Belief Awards: amazing stories and inspirations

The winners of Belief Awards also have great stories behind all these gorgeous images. The awarded weddings also have awesome details and landscapes to inspire couples from all over the world – there are weddings in the countryside, on the beach and even at some well-known touristic attractions. Meet the categories and the winners for each one of them:


Wedding Concept

This category of Belief Awards features great wedding experiences. Meet the winners:

Belen Esquivel, El Salvador

Belief Awards Belen Esquivel El Salvador

This wedding took place in a forest and the decor was inspired by the bride’s favorite color, purple.

Sabrina Gambato (Ti amo Ti sposo), Italy

Belief Awards Sabrina Gambatto Italy

A tailor-made wedding inspired by the couple’s travels, in an elegant vintage mood.

Rebeca Magana (The Wedding Mexico), Mexico

Belief Awards Rebeca Magana Mexico

For an architect bride, the wedding planner created a design based on geometric forms and a palette of gold, copper, gray and blush.

Rui Mota Pinto Wedding Tailor and Planner, Portugal

Belief Awards Rui Mota Pinto Portugal

A musical wedding planned in one of the most famous attractions of Sintra, Palácio Monserrate.

Judy Amado, Panama

Belief Awards Judy Amado de Mendez panama

The Panamanian wedding planner created a luxurious and modern wedding, with a catering that stayed all night long for people to drink and eat.

Izandi Serdyn (Ido4u), South Africa

Izandi Serdyn Belief Awards South Africa

The bride wanted to have as many flowers as possible for her wedding, that took place in a gorgeous farm vineyard surrounded by a mountainous backdrop.

Destination Wedding

This category explores beautiful destinations and places all over the world. Meet the winners:

Roberta Pompeo (The Different Twins), Italy

Belief Awards Roberta Pompeo Italy

At this wedding, the couple decided to get married in Riva del Garda because they felt in love with Lake Garda, the mountains, and the view! After the wedding. they decided to move and live there for the rest of their lives.

Jeanette Skelton (Luxury Events Phuket), Thailand

Belief Awards Jeanette Skelton Thailand

This wedding’s design was inspired by lush gardens overlooking the water. The color palette of creme, taupe, blush, and peach was highlighted by a lush aisle of flowers. The ceremony arbor was draped in soft taupe fabric and covered in organic floral accents.

Maeva Fuster (Emeraude & Coton), France:

Belief Awards Maeva Fuster France

The couple wanted to offer their guests a French style experience, so they decided to get married in a traditional French Chateau in Montpellier.

Vigdís Björk Segatta (Luxurwedding), Iceland

Vigdís Björk Segatta iceland

An adventurous couple from Australia decided to get married on an ice cave in Iceland.

Cultural Wedding

Presenting elements of a wedding ceremony or reception from their cultural backgrounds. See the winners:

Christina Holt (Wedding Concepts), South Africa:

Belief Awards Christina Holt South Africa

The South African fashion blogger Sarah Langa had two different ceremonies, a traditional and classic one. They brought together brilliant Swazi patterns, vibrant color, and high fashion to give this wedding a modern Afro-chic twist.

Rebeca Magana (The Wedding Mexico), Mexico

Belief Awards Rebeca Magana Mexico

This Persian wedding that happened in Puerto Vallarta had the “Aghd” (the ceremony) and a cheerful party.

Paula Abreu, Mexico

Belief Awards Paula Abreu Mexico

The couple celebrated an Aztek Ceremony, a tradition from the groom’s family, full of all kinds of Mexican handcrafts and special clothing.

Special Photo

This category shows images created by a unique and impactful moment, detail or design. Check out the winners:

Viola Tarantino (Emotions in Puglia), Italy

Belief Awards Viola Tarantino Italy

At this same-sex wedding, the couple was very excited because finally after 10 years of almost clandestine love they were able to get married.

Kirti Samant, India

Belief Awards Kirti Samant IndiaThe winning image of this wedding shows the Mangal Snanam, a ritual of a holy bath conducted as part of the pre-wedding ceremony. At this wedding, the groom also surprised the bride by getting an elephant for them to make an entry at their Sangeet ceremony.

Thomas B. Dahlberg, Norway

Belief Awards Thomas B. Dahlberg Norway

The wedding planner organized a winter wedding. To get the perfect lightening for the photo, they had to take the pictures at different times of the day.

Sandra Santoro (Getting Married in Italy), Italy

Belief Awards Sandra Santoro Italy

The couple had a symbolic ceremony in Venice, followed by a romantic and secluded dinner together.


It shows a special moment using light and contrast. See the winners:

Jadee Fernandes McGowan, South Africa

Belief Awards Jadee Fernandes South Africa

This photo captures the essence of this wedding as the bride’s father was diagnosed with cancer and only came home from the hospital the day before to attend the wedding.

Judy Amado de Mendez, Panama

Belief Awards Judy Amado de Mendez Panama

On this image, the photographer caught the look on the groom’s face while the bride walked down the aisle with her father.

Guadalupe Alvarez, Mexico

Belief Awards Guadalupe Alvarez Mexico

The photo of this same-sex wedding shows the exact moment when the Rabbi declares the couple married – a joyous moment for everybody.

Rui Mota Pinto, Portugal

Belief Awards Rui mota Pinto Portugal

The enchanting look between the couple made the judges fall in love wit this wedding.

Izandi Serdyn, South Africa

Belief Awards Izandi Serdyn South Africa

This awarded photo shows a beautiful moment between the bride and her relative.


See the Belief Awards full gallery.




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