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How do you know that it’s time to go bigger an take your business to the next level? There is no perfect time to make decisions, that’s why we choose to do it now! You can be what you dream to be, impact other people and join forces to make a change, but nobody can do that alone.

With that in mind, I’ve decided to take our platform to a whole new level inviting people with tons of expertise, so together we can improve our community and be the change that we want to see worldwide.

The BWP Platinum Members, are wedding planners from different countries, that are part of Belief Wedding Planners since the first year, have won one or more Belief Awards, and have a high engagement participation at the Community. When BWP was a big dream in baby steps in my living room in NY, they believed in us and until today are a fundamental piece of our whole game.


They will be by my side for one year, focusing on new projects, supporting other members, creating new businesses opportunities and sharing knowledge.


Meet the BWP Platinum Members of 2018


Ilse Diamant / Mexico – I couldn’t start with a different person as Ilse was our first member. Every business gets started with the first client, and she made her decision to join Belief without even know that she was our big first step into the world. She took action towards her goals without overthinking! Last year, we had the pleasure to have Ilse as the wedding planner host of our first Belief Retreat at her villa in Riviera Maya. I’m excited to always have her onboard!




Judy Amado / Panama – if you are looking for a wedding entrepreneur to envision as your future self, Judy is the best option for you to learn with! I asked her for help on how managing a business, and she has been my mentor since January. She is accessible, focused, determined and my favorite “business queen” ever. With Judy by our side, you can expect all the good stuff (and real feedback) to make money, be more professional and rock this wedding world!




Rui Mota Pinto / Portugal – when you put together infinite creativity and a proactive entrepreneur, the chances are real that you will have Rui as the result! He has an incredible professional background as a wedding planner and his concepts are spot on. He is a game changer in all creative process in the wedding industry to make the events not only beautiful but with character and out of the box.
Be prepared for unusual ideas, tons of great insights and a lot of action!



Guadalupe Alvarez / Mexico – I keep hearing from people that their business might not be good because they live in small cities or countries. Shut the front door! You NEED to meet Guadalupe! With less than 200k people, San Miguel de Allende is like a white canvas for Guada. She brings to the wedding industry the Mexican bright vibe side, deep in culture and with purpose. Her events have the participation of local artisans, beautiful textiles and love. She is your person to learn how to make your brand unique for destination weddings.



Jacqueline Vazquez / NYC-USA – do you want to learn how to become an international speaker? I did that with her last year and I’m already having amazing results! She is a bomb! From China to Paraguay as a speaker in wedding events, Jacqueline is what we call as the teacher of all, much more than only a wedding planner. She is always ready to share her knowledge, connect people, inspire newbies and create a better industry in the future. She is totally making the change!




Cecy Pineda / Mexico – she is a hurricane on social media! When you have a wedding planning business, the chances are real that you will become your own brand. Cecy is the best millennial wedding planner to support the community and share knowledge on how to make your brand more digital and with that impact followers. You need to talk to her, meet her, copy her steps, improve her tips and be the best version of yourself on all your platforms. I’m 100% sure that she will impact your life and get you insane results to your business!



Sandra Santoro / Italy – with her classy approach and expertise, Sandra has all that international clients need to make an incredible wedding. We have the pleasure and honor to have her as the wedding planner host for this year Belief Retreat, and we have sure that she will bring all the Italian vibe and experiences to attendees. With her, you can learn how to focus on a specific market to get more brand exposure. Get your notebook ready!




Valentina Lombardi / Italy – when I first talked to Valentina, I was curious to understand her business model. She has a team all over Italy, and with that, she has no boundaries to get new clients traveling to Italy to get married. I was.. What?! This is amazing! With her, I’m excited to learn more about leadership, team management, business goals, and marketing. If you are looking to make your business bigger in your whole country, she is the person!




Joyce Mnguni / Mexico – professionalism and brand positioning. She knows her value, she knows how to price her services (and not give crazy discounts) and she also knows her local market. The best advice that I heard from her was that if the client doesn’t want to pay what she is asking for, it’s time to refer the client to another wedding planner that might charge what they are looking for and still maintain the quality, but she won’t change her position as she knows how much it cost her own business. Let’s talk business with Joyce! Boom!



Be prepared for a lot of work, great projects, more events (not only online), learning, travel, press and much more.

Welcome Platinum Members of 2018!

You are all amazing.

Giovana Duailibe


Giovana Duailibe is the founder and CEO of Belief Wedding Planners. Wedding planner since 2006, works now full time as a brand strategist and devote all her efforts to create a more united and strong wedding industry. #powerofcommunity
Do you want to talk to Giovana? Just send an email to her at [email protected]com and she will love to talk to you!





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