9 tips to plan your business success for 2017

2017 is coming and that’s no news! But have you started to plan your business for the next year? What are your aims? How do you set your goals? To help you with that important task, we’ve talked to the wedding planners Dora Thillet and Joyce Mnguni and we’ve got some tips for you:

  1. Analyze your business on the past year

For Dora Thillet, you have to be and work very organized during the year to do that!!! “Usually (if I don’t have events on New Year’s Eve) I close my office the last week of December and took a “mini vacations” with the family.  During that time, took some time to review the Goals and Objectives Checklist of last year and work with the new one”, she says.

  1. Create your own checklist to plan your business

Every year, Dora Thillet creates her Goals and Objectives Checklist. And, to follow her goals, she keeps it in front of her, at her desk and a copy on her agenda.

  1. Always do better

In Joyce Mnguni’s opinion, it is important to always think of ways to improve. “My number one goal is always to do better than the previous year”, she tells.

  1. Create milestones

According to Dora, when you have a great idea, a good way top ut it on practice is to create milestones. “They are a great way to help create some stepping as we work our way towards achieving our business goals.  And adjust your plan when needed!”, she suggests.

  1. Stay healthy

Well, you won’t be able to plan your business or achieve your goals if you are not healthy. So that’s what Joyce recommends: “I make sure I take of myself to stay healthy and rest when my body needs it”.

  1. Every little step counts

For Joyce, every single thing you do for your business count. “I don’t have one specific goal for my business because I believe everyday one should do something small to better your business”, she explains.

  1. Ideas on a jar

Another helpful tip to keep the good ideas is to keep them on a jar. “I always recognize the big ideas. I have a little jar where I put down my ideas and I revisit them every 3 months to identify which ones are really feasible, which ones are not and what I can use to move forward in my business”, she says.

  1. Do the math

Planning is also connected to accounting. Dora recommends using an accounting software to take a look at how your business did financially in the last year.  “Then ask: did you meet your goals? What offering/service brought in the most money? What revenue goals would you like to hit in 2017? What do you need to do to make that happen (i.e. increase prices)? This advice came out from my Accountant!”, she explains.

  1. Know your ideal client

According to Joyce, by knowing your ideal client you will sure get to know which  bride to serve. “What you can charge them is highly up to you. Ultimately, this will help you foresee your budget”, she concludes.

What are your tips to plan a successful year?

Featured image by Anna Kozdurova | Wedding Planner: Viktoriia Ignateva

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