8 tips for a low budget wedding

Dealing with a low budget wedding is a challenge for many couples. But it is perfectly possible to handle it and still have a dreamy wedding.

“It’s important to split in a balanced way your budget. For example, it isn’t correct to exaggerate with elaborated and expensives wedding cards and next forget the flowers. If you have a small budget (but also a big one) is important how you manage it. Your wedding planner can help you with a plan for your budget management”, says the wedding planner Veronica Badoino.

See some tips from the wedding planners Veronica Badoino and Rebeca Magaña to save money while planning your wedding;

1) Choose a minimal modern style

low-budget-wedding-007Photo: The Lake Maggiore Wedding Photographer

According to Veronica Badoino, if you have a small budget, you should choose a country style or a minimal modern style for your wedding, or you can opt for bring and powerful colors, as red or yellow, so your small decors will be impactful. “It’s important to keep the style that you have chosen in every details of your wedding”, she explains.

2) Tailored made wedding cards are too expensive

Veronica Badoino suggests not to choose a tailored made wedding cards. Instead, you can opt for samples already ready that are less expensive.

3) How to save money with the venue

low-budget-wedding-008Photo: Soko Sandoval

“For your venue, you should choose a restaurant with excellent cuisine and not a villa or a castle where you have also to pay a rent. But if you would like to choose a villa, you can opt for a different day from Saturday and get a discount, and for the catering service you should choose a buffet”, indicates Veronica Badoino.

Rebeca Magaña says that some caterers are willing to exchange the dessert for hors de oeuvre’s , and you can add a candy bar, which will help to low the prices.

If the party lasts more than 8 hours and they still need a couple more, Rebeca Magaña recommends to do self service at the beginning, with  beers, bottle of water or ice cream upon their arrival, instead of paying for the service of open bar, waiter and stuff,  which can really save some money.

4) Get a DJ

“For the music, it is possible to choose a DJ that can vary the type of music during your wedding day, without having to pay different musicians”, declares Veronica Badoino.

5) Go for seasonal flowers

low-budget-wedding-005Photo: The Lake Maggiore Wedding Photographer

“You can have seasonal flowers and greenery that are less expensive, but it’s important that your flower designer use the greenery in an appropriate way”, recommends Veronica Badoino.

6) Hire a good photographer, but the album might wait some time

low-budget-wedding-003Photo: The Lake Maggiore Wedding Photographer

For Rebeca Magaña, it is worth to invest in a good photographer. “At the end, this will last forever. It will be the only thing where I would not sacrifice quality for price, I encourage to leave out of the package all printings, or albums, they can go back later to ask for this service to the same photographer when finances are better. Along with this, it is important to hire a good make-up artis to ensure that your make up will be flawless all night long”, comments Rebeca Magaña.

Veronica Badoino  agrees with that: “You should choose a good photographer, because the photos will be the memories of your wedding day. But you can choose to buy your wedding album some months after your wedding. You can buy it for your first Christmas together, for example”.

7) Small gifts can also make difference

low-budget-wedding-001Photo: The Lake Maggiore Wedding Photographer

For low budget weddings, Rebeca Magaña leaves wedding favors,  signs and decor  things for the end, since they are not really necessary. Veronica Badoino suggests that couples shouldn’t forget a small gift for their guests and make them participate.

8) Wedding dress’ discounts

If you are willing to have a wedding dress with a good discount, you might take Rebeca Magaña‘s advice: “Here in Mexico we have at least 4 wedding trade shows.  A week before each of them you can go to the bridal stores that participate and earn the same discount,  but you can have more time to try all of them without the amount of people at expos”.

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