7 tips to publish weddings on your website/blog

How often do you publish weddings on your website? How much impact does this content have to your clients?

For the wedding planner Samantha Cooley, having real weddings on the website is crutial. “it makes all the difference, people can see the final result on the wedding, your work there, what you decided with the bride and groom”, she says.

The wedding planner Carolee Higashino believes it is critical for the clients to see REAL work that you have done, not just a photo shoot.  “These are the samples of a true professional and best represent what your work is about.  We have several galleries which we frequently update on a regular basis.  Our clients also get a ‘special thrill’ when they have been selected to be featured which we love to share.  It is a great way of featuring what you offer in terms of location, decor, florals, sites, etc. so mixing up the events premiered is a good idea”, she explains.

So, take a look at some hot tips to publish your work online:

  1. Only publish your own stuff

Wedding planner: Samantha Cooley | Photo: Rafael Karelisky

 It should be needless to say, but it is also important to remind – only use images of your own weddings. “I publish only the wedding I organized”, says the wedding planner Samantha Cooley.

  1. Have a special area at your website to publish weddings


Wedding planner: Carolee Higashino | Photo: Aisle Media

The wedding planner Carolee Higashino says that in her company, they feature their real couples on marketing and promotional materials which include their website.  “We run blogs weekly showing our week of weddings and share vendors’ information as well.  Galleries on our website are by both location and simply by the type of celebration.  It helps to title your galleries, for example, we have a few with the names such as  ‘Mirror Mirror’, ‘Stairway to Heaven’ and “Boho Chic”. It is also a good way to organize them for future use as well.  Just be sure your couples and your photographer grant you permission for doing so”, explains Carolee Higashino.

  1. Do have a regular schedule for your posts

Wedding planner: Samantha Cooley | Photo: Rodrigo Cypriano

When you post regularly on your website, it increases your ranking position on Google and other search tools. “We update our ‘real weddings’ weekly on our website”, says the wedding planner Carolee Higashino.

Of course, the update frequency also depends on the number of weddings you have. For the wedding planner Samantha Cooley, it also depends on how much time the photographers take to send it.  “Some photographers take a long time to send the photos to us, and if it’s a really simple wedding, I don’t usually publish. So, depends, sometimes I publish 3 in one month, sometimes more, sometimes less”, she states.

  1. Don’t forget the names of the other vendors

Wedding planner: Carolee Higashino | Photo: Callaway Gable Photography 

Being nice to the other professionals can do no harm. So, when you post real weddings on your blog, don’t forget to mention all the vendors. “It is important to use full names of venues, vendors, and locations as a professional courtesy to those who were a part of the celebration”, says Carolee Higashino. Samantha Cooley agrees with that: “It is important to include the vendors, everybody that worked on that wedding”.

  1. SEO is really a thing

Wedding planner: Samantha Cooley | Photo: Água Benta

According to Carolee Higashino, keywords are beneficial for example to improve SEO. Another good tip to boost SEO is to have some specific tools or plugins for your website, such as Yoast, All In One SEO Pack, SEOPressor, WP Meta SEO, SEO Ultimate, W3 Total Cache, SEO by Squirrly, etc.

Another good step for SEO is to name your images correctly, with titles that might represent your content.

  1. Have a good content

Weddding planner: Carolee Higashino | Photo: Callaway Gable Photography

Just posting the photos might not be as interesting as presenting a bit of the couple’s story. “The couples ‘story’ is always a draw and adds to the intimacy of the event that occurred. Have fun with your writing! Fewer words and more visual I feel is better”, says Carolee Higashino.

However, it is always important to check with the couple if you can use it and which information you can mention. “Do not include personal information which does not  flatter your wedding couple and represent them in their best light”, recommends Carolee Higashino.

  1. Choose the images carefully

 Wedding planner: Samantha Cooley | Photo: Água Benta

Using a lot of photos can be exhausting. Having only a few pictures is not good as well. So, try to balance it and use enough images to tell the whole story of the wedding. The wedding planner Samantha Cooley says that she uses approximately 20 images per post.

“Having a dozen is usually sufficient but it depends on how your gallery is structured.  Too few might not give the whole ‘vibe’ of the wedding but too many and you will lose your reader. Select images that are not ‘family and friends’ photos, look more for detail shots.  Make sure your gallery is in the order of the event so it flows smoothly.  For example: from ‘beginning to end’”, advises Carolee Higashino.

Also needless to say, but using professional photos can make all the difference. “Great professional high resolution images are a MUST”, states Carolee Higashino.

What about you – what are your tips to publish wedding on your website?

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