5 steps to become a leading company in destination weddings

Who doesn’t want to become a leading company in destination weddings? Well, we can definitely say that most wedding planners want to become a leader in its business. So, we brought a few tips from our wedding planners to be recognized as a top wedding planner for destination weddings in your country.

  1. Start with hard work and your clients’ satisfaction

For the wedding planner Valentina Lombardi, the first step is really having an important background before starting this job. “Then the most important thing is really working hard, plan a lot of weddings and build a wide experience and credibility. Satisfaction of clients is the best reward and reputation you can get”, she claims.

The wedding planner Melanie Ramone agrees with that: “Be what you say you are. Don’t lie. Be an over the top professional and deliver more than you promised. Be ethical and truth to you, your vendors and your clients. Work hard and work smart. If you work with ethics, professionalism and deliver what you promise, I can guarantee you that you will end up building a reputation along with your hard work. Looks simple? It’s years of hard work!”.

  1. Learn other languages

Valentina Lombardi believes that learning another language(s) is also a must. “Especially for the planners who are working in Non-English-Speaking Countries such as Italy. Our job requires a high level of speaking, comprehension and also reading/writing”, she says.

“You must know and really speak the language of your targeted client. It does not work with a translator because you miss a lot and as a wedding planner you must read also between the lines and listen to comments that are ‘not about the wedding’ to truly understand your client and be able to surprise them along the way”, explains Melanie Ramone.

  1. Know your destination by heart

According to Melanie Ramone, you must choose your destinations and know them by heart. “Know the great local vendors and be the expert that your client needs for that destination. If you don’t know the destination, you must hire a DMC or a local expert that will guide you throughout the planning. If you do it by yourself without knowing the destination, then you are not a professional destination wedding planner and you are just improvising”, she warns.

Valentina Lombardi also mentions that is good to have a good relation with other planners in other countries, as you can share with them clients as well as experiences and suppliers.

  1. Structure your company to meet foreign couples

For Melanie Ramone, it is important to have a well-planned structure of planning process and be well known to all the technology there is for you to communicate with your client from abroad. “You must as well use a phone number that they will be able to reach you easily. You must guide them and reassure them that their money is safe and that you do know the local language and the local vendors”, she advises.

Valentina Lombardi explains that, in general, they start sending some first ideas via email or speak via Skype or phone. “Then couples decide to come over to visit the venues and we meet them at venues that they want to see. We plan with them a tour of their top 3 or 5 venues and we spend a day with them showing not only reception venues but even ceremony venues and discuss with them all possibilities (wedding pros working with them, the day before and day after possibilities, transfers etc)”, she says.

  1. Use the internet to spread your talent

Valentina Lombardi believes that the internet is really a key media for this business. “We promote our work mostly on the internet using SEO, on our website and also other important destination wedding international blogs. Social media are important among all we love Facebook, Instagram, Google + and Tumblr, but we also have other ones such as Vimeo, YouTube, Twitter etc”, says Valentina Lombardi.

Melanie Ramone also invested on her company’s website. “When I started the social media was not even in the picture. What I do remember is that at that time I did spend a lot of time building the right platform for my website and it got positioned organically. That got me the clients and still does. I mainly use and stick to SEO. I once had a blog that had many visits a day but got hacked and lost my inspiration for a while. But that helped on those days too. My advice to promote your work online is to be cohesive. People notice if you are showing off, authentic or just plain lying. Be yourself and don’t try to imitate anyone. Do a great work and publish it or post it”, she says.

What about you? What are your tips to become a leading company in destination weddings?

*Photo credit: Wedding Planner: Valentina Lombardi | Photo: Independent Pictures

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