4 gorgeous places to propose around the world

If you could choose one place in the whole world to make a proposal to your beloved one, where would it be? If you are still in doubt about it, don’t worry! We have invited some of our wedding planners to suggest gorgeous places to propose around the world. Their answers are pretty amazing – they’ve suggested spots for all kinds of couples – romantic, adventurous, bohemian, vegans and food lovers. Take a look and choose the right spot for you!


Galapagos Islands – Ecuador

destination wedding galapagos

Wedding planner: Pamela Erazo | Photo: Nueve9Studio

If Darwin went all way down to Galapagos Islands to write “The Origin of Species”, why can’t you go there to propose to the love of your life? According to the wedding planner Pamela Erazo, Ecuador has beautiful landscapes everywhere and for any type of couples – romantic or adventurers who love nature, culture and unique places. “Of course, a visit to the Galapagos Islands is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, which makes it the perfect place for a once-in-a-lifetime moment like a unique proposal! Romance and adventure can go hand-in-hand, especially in a place like the Galapagos”, explains Pamela.

galapagos wedding proposal

Wedding planner: Pamela Erazo | Photo: Nueve9Studio

If you’re looking for something unique, exceptional nature, discovering more of an island than the landscapes and beaches, then the Galapagos Island is the perfect place. “Our suggestion is to do it on a romantic sunset or – why not – after taking a walk, kayaking, snorkeling or diving. There are also romantic places that lend themselves to this type of proposal, such as the Quilotoa, which is a lagoon in the crater of a volcano, or Cotopaxi, which is a snow-capped mountain with an almost perfect cone. Cloud forests can also be a good alternative” suggests Pamela.

Lisbon – Portugal

portugal engagement
Wedding planner: Rui Mota Pinto | Photo: Thrall Photography

According to the wedding planner Rui Mota Pinto, Portugal is actually an amazing country to propose. “It is so hard to choose only one location. But If I had to, it would be Lisbon for sure. The way the city harmonizes heritage, landscapes, modernity, and culture is unique. Besides that, Lisbon offers one of the most amazing sunsets you can dream of. The unique blue and bright sky that makes people from all over the world fall in love with the city is incredible. When you watch the sunset from the Tagus River, you live an unforgettable experience that will make a proposal something incredible”, Rui recommends.
wedding proposal location

Wedding planner: Rui Mota Pinto | Photo: NJ Mattos

Other options for passionate couples are the Palaces, Castles, the amazing gardens inside the city, and the famous “Trams” (traditional electric cars).Rui also claims that at night the city gains a new life with movement, animation, and a bohemian side. “This gives Lisbon a special and different mood appealing to those who love a more nocturne and rhythmic proposal”, he states.

However, if Rui had to choose a specific place in Lisbon, he would go for a sailing boat in the Tagus River during the sunset with Lisbon and the amazing and famous 7 hills of the city as the landscape! “Truly magnificent and unforgettable!”, he says.

ensaio casal em portugal

Wedding planner: Rui Mota Pinto | Photo: Thrall Photography

The gastronomy in the city is also a must. “For those who dream of a proposal in a fancy restaurant or with traditional food, it is a good place”, affirms Rui.

Chania and Western Crete – Greece

engagement greece

Wedding planner: Anna Laudanska | Photo: Andreas Markakis Photography

Chania and Western Cretes are a very popular tourist destinations within Greece and its islands and that’s what the wedding planner Anna Laudanska suggests for couples. “It is easy to reach Chania – by boat or by plane. There are many hotels in the area but not as many huge complexes which make this place cozy and natural”, explains Anna Laudanska.

Anna says that the couples usually like planning their engagements close to the town, on the sandy beaches ( the wilder and more peaceful, the better!) or around crazily green hills of Cretan olive groves where nature can be mild and exotic. “Hope one day we will go for more crazy spots that Western Crete offers”, she claims.

getting married in greece

Wedding planner: Anna Laudanska | Photo: Photo: Andreas Markakis Photography

The couples who usually choose this region to propose are usually “big time” travelers, adventurous, who love the freedom of space and choices. “Those people would never choose a hotel set up for their engagement dinner. Many of them are vegetarians or vegans, they love colors, creative small details. They all smile and there is not a stiff dress code. We truly believe that as they plan their engagement and they embrace their moment, that is how they will always search for their fire and build their ability to refresh their love”, Anna concludes.

Italian lakes and vineyards

italy wedding location

Wedding planner: Valentina Lombardi | Photo: Independent Pictures

Italy is known for being one of the most romantic places in the world. And it is also the perfect place to propose. But it is important to choose places far from massive tourists where the couple can find a real corner of “italianity”. The wedding planner Valentina Lombardi suggests Lake Orta as a good option for the couples. “I recommend little St. Julius Island, which is located in the middle of it. It is an incredibly romantic place: a whole pedestrian medieval village on the shores of a Lake surrounded by The Alps and wonderful vegetation. In the middle of it, there is a tiny medieval Island that you could reach by boat, this is the right spot to propose maybe at sunset overlooking a magical view. You can then celebrate with a fantastic meal by the shores in a romantic quaint restaurant or in a Michelin starred one. This place is, for sure, for the romantic ones! Lake has a mystic flair and surely a sweet loving appeal”, suggests Valentina.

engagement lake como

Wedding planner: Valentina Lombardi | Photo: The Wedding Photographer

The wedding planner Roberta Pompeo recommends Lake Garda as a lovely place to propose. “I fell in love with Lake Garda and not only with it….. my husband comes from there too!!!”, she tells.

The northern area, especially, is visited every year by a lot of sports lovers. “It’s the best place for sailing, windsurfing, kayaking, bike, climbing and more others. Peace, food and relax are the perfect environment and many couples dream to get married there. Last summer I have had the honor to organize the first ceremony in a very special place. On the top of a mountain, time seems to have stopped. The castle ruins are rich of history – this place was mentioned by Dante into Divina Commedia. Only when you arrive on the top, I can assure you, you can realize how magnificent our nature is! The view of the Lake is stunning!”, Roberta claims.

engagement pictures italy

Wedding planner: Valentina Lombardi | Photo: Independent Pictures

If you love wines, you might also choose the very top of a medieval tour in the middle of Piemonte countryside among the most famous vines of Italian wines such as Barolo and Barbaresco. “What a view from here and what a perfect spot to propose. You can celebrate after it sipping precious Barbaresco wine and with a gourmand meal afterward! It is ideal for foodies and wine lovers, for the ones who love the countryside and its warm colors”, recommends Valentina.

For you, what are the most beautiful places to propose?

First photo credits: Wedding planner: Anna Laudanska | Photo: Andreas Markakis Photography

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