20 ceremonies’ decor to fall in love with

Have you decided where your wedding ceremony will be held at? Whether you have taken this decision or not, we have some tips and inspirations for all kinds of ceremonies’ decor.


If you decided to get married on a church, you should analyse some aspects of the architeture to decide about the ceremony decor.


Wedding planner and design: Belen Esquivel | Photo: Portafolio Studio

Some churches have a great architeture and it does not need a decor full of flowers and stuff. It is all about using a great lightning project and enchancing the beautiful scenario. It is also important to verify the ceiling height to see what kind of decor you will use and if it is possible to have chandeliers or suspended decors.


Wedding planner: Guadalupe Alvarez  | Photo: Eric Suarez

Some churches are full of images and elements. In this case, it is important to have a clean decor to match with the place.


Wedding planner: Stefania Zen | Photographer: Alessandro della Savia

If you want to use some candles on your ceremony decor, it is essential to check if the church’s hallway offer enough space – remember you’ll be wearing a big wedding dress!


Wedding planner: Joyce Mnguni | Photo: Jaime Glez Photography

How about using some seasonal elements on your ceremony decor? The wedding below used some pine cones and twigs for a wintery decor.


Wedding planner: Victoria Jackson | Photo: Gavin Casey


The couples who choose to get married on the beach are really lucky: they have the sea to stare at during all ceremony. The ceremony might be on the sand, on the lawn or even on a venue with a view of the sea.


Wedding planner: Luisa Clemente

Some brides prefer to have a footbridge and others prefer to step directly on the sand. For footbridge, you can use some personalized ones or even a straw footbridge.


Wedding  planner: Rebeca Magana | Photo: Soko Sandoval

Try to arrange your ceremony to happen during sunset – you will probably have some great photos!


Wedding planner: Jannethe Ordonez

Remember that your guests should feel comfortable. So try to give them comfortable seats and, if possible, something to protect them from the heath.


Wedding planner: Victoria Jackson | Photo: Yvette Gilbert

The altar needs to have a special decor – whether it is an arch or some flowers, it is important to give prominence to the place where the ceremony will be held.


Wedding planner: Chonlada Lafferty | Photo: Darinimages

Why not use chandeliers on your beach wedding? It will surely give a classy look for your ceremony decor!


Wedding planner: Satchukorn Kunkanokpong | Photo:  Lovedezign


Many wedding designers work with white flowers for a beach wedding – it is neutral and it matches perfectly with the scenario. wedding-ceremonies-decor-017

Wedding planner: Jeanette Skelton | Photo: Nindka

Sometimes the nature helps a lot in the beach wedding decor. The palm trees also become a part of decor and it complements the whole scenario. wedding-ceremonies-decor-021

Wedding planner: Carolee Higashino | Photo: Callaway Gable Photography


Wedding Planner: Cecilia Reyes | Photo: Nicandro Jimenez Fotografia

But using white on a beach wedding is far from being a must-do. The ceremony decor can also be very colorful!


Wedding Planner: Gaby Cobian | Photo: Dino Gomez

Wedding venues

Some couples prefer to be practical and do the ceremony on the wedding venue. On that case, it is nice to use a suspended decor and to take advantage of all the features that the venue offers. It is possible to create different types of flowers and lighting projects.


Wedding Planner: Cindy Posadas |  Photographer: Third Element

The biggest advantage to do the ceremony on the wedding venue is that you can get married at any time of the day. And with some creativity you can transform the ambience.


Wedding planner: Samantha Cooley | Photo: Vini Brandini

Garden setting

Dreaming of getting married in a garden setting? A floral-covered arch might be perfect for your ceremony decor. It is charming and gives your wedding lots of magnificent photos.


Wedding planner: Guadalupe Alvarez | Photo: Blest Studios

Just like in the beach weddings, remember that in outdoor weddings it is important to keep the guests comfortable and to protect them from the sun.  wedding-ceremonies-decor-020

Wedding planner: Guadalupe Alvarez | Photo: Brett Butterstein

Some couples also like to do the ceremony under a tree – it is also a good solution for garden weddings.


Wedding Planner: Linda Brown | Photographer: Wesley Vorster 

What’s your favourite wedding decor?

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