15 top decors for beach weddings

Charming, sophisticated or romantic? How do you want your beach wedding to look like? If you still haven’t made up your mind about it, we’ll give some inspirations from gorgeous beach weddings from all over the world. Take a look now!

  1. Greece – Crete

    This greek ceremony decor offers a cozy and enchanting atmosphere. The colors – blue and white – just seem to fit perfectly with beach weddings.

Wedding planner: Anna Laudanska | Photo: Andreas Markakis

2. USA – Hawaii

On this wedding, It was very important to the couple that all aspects of the wedding were as “green” as possible meaning no waste.  They celebrated their ceremony just steps above the sparkling Pacific with a jungle feeling of vines and flora.   They wanted their event to be fun, interactive and exciting throughout which is just what it was!

Wedding planner: Carolee Higashino | Photo: Callaway Gable Studios

3. Mexico

This wedding decor, with flowers on the top of the gazebo, just feels romantic and sophisticated.


Wedding planner: Joyce Mnguni | Photo: Naal Photography

4. Thailand – Phuket

This is a really good example of a modern and romantic beach wedding. Who wouldn’t love to have a ceremony like this?

Wedding planner: Boobpa Suwannasri | Photo: PD – PR Sri Panwa Team

5. Thailand – Phuket

The couple wanted a nice location close to the beach with a great wedding atmosphere.  In their words: ‘relaxed, chilled and a fun evening – more like a friends get together party, rather than a traditional type of wedding.  Not religious and simply fun!’. This ceremony decor is sumptuous and extremely beautiful!

Wedding planner: Jeanette Skelton | Photo: Nindka Photography

6. Portugal -Praia das Cabanas Velhas

On this wedding, the bride and the groom are great friends of nature, so they used natural and simple materials to cause no problem for nature. For the altar, for example, they chose olive branches.

Wedding planner: Viktoriia Ignateva | Photo: Thecablookfotolab

7. United Arab Emirates

This view from Dubai definetly helps a lot! However, the wedding decor also plays a main role in this wedding, with light colored flowers mixed with some marsala. Beach umbrellas guaranteed the comfort of the couple and the guests.

Wedding planner: Elie Berchan | Photo: Asfis Photography

8. Thailand – Phuket

A totally white decor contrasts with the blue sky and the sea. On the way to the altar, flowers petals to make it even more beautiful.


Wedding planner: Jeanette Skelton | Photo: Weerayut Janthal

9. Mexico

Beach weddings don’t require many elements for the decor. An elegant gazebo will do the work gorgeously. Add some white flowers and there you go – the perfect scenario.

Wedding planner: Juliette Florence Franzé | Photo: Gisselle Photography

10. Mexico

On this wedding at the sand, beautiful vases with baby’s breath were used on the path to the altar.  The altar itself had a gazebo with veils and flowers, with an amazing chandelier. We just can’t get enough of this view!

Wedding planner: Luisa Clemente

11. Greece – Santorini

The combination of peach and white flowers just seem to be perfect for a beach wedding. Lanterns through all the path to the altar give an special charm to this ceremony.

Wedding planner: Olympia Giannopoulou 

12. Mexico – Puerto Vallarta

On this wedding, the idea was to have a relaxing, casual but yet elegant set up. The place itself is beautiful, beach front garden with trees framing a breathless sunset. For the wedding ceremony, they’ve used white and greenery.

Wedding planner: Rebeca Magaña | Photo: Soko Sandoval

13. South Africa – Cape Town

This wedding decor was mainly based on white veils – again, it gives a great contrast to the sea and the sky. Lanterns were used on the path to altar as well and we can see some flowers on it.

Wedding planner: Victoria Jackson | Photo: Yvette Gilbert

14. Portugal – Ericeira

The idea of this wedding was to create a very intimate setting with things that have a significant meaning for the bride and groom and the guests. This gazebo with flowers makes the decor really romantic.

Wedding planner: Viktoriia Ignateva | Photo: Anna Kozdurova

15. Spain

This wedding had a beautiful view of the sea. White veils and a floral arch with light colored flowers were used on this decor.

Wedding planner: Chris De Houwer | Photo: Costa Blanca Events


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