12 gorgeous Greek islands for a destination wedding

Greek Islands destination weddings Mykonos

Greece is a popular place for a destination wedding for many reasons; the beautiful weather, the unspoiled beaches, the gorgeous mountain views and the delicious authentic food. Our guest today is Maria Travlou, and she has amazing tips to share with you all.  If you’re considering a destination wedding in Greece but aren’t sure of where to go, our guide should help you out. Meet some gorgeous Greek islands for a destination wedding:


Greek Islands destination weddings Spetses

Step back in time with a traditional style wedding on Spetses island – it is as romantic as it gets. No cars are allowed on this island, so taxi boats, horses, and carts dominate the roads.


Greek Islands destination weddings Mykonos

Mykonos is a popular location for the jet set. With a rich cultural mix, plenty of places to party and recharge, this island is perfect for a luxurious wedding with a holiday feeling – especially if your wedding guests like to party hard.


Greek Islands destination weddings Santorini

Extremely popular for weddings, Santorini is normally one of the first islands people think of when they imagine a Greek destination wedding. With views that are hard to beat and a Greek island experience with plenty of romance, why not head here?


Greek Islands destination weddings Kea

Out of the way of the usual tourist trail, Kea island is easy to get to from Athens but is mostly visited by locals. With low slung villas and relaxed beaches, Kea is a laidback and authentically Greek location to get married in, while still ticking all those boxes for charm, beauty, and weather.


Greek Islands destination weddings Folegandros

Unspoiled and completely picturesque, Folegandros is a tiny island with fewer than 800 inhabitants. Ideal for an off-grid, intimate wedding with undulating views of cliffs, coast, and the sea, this place is one of Greece’s best-kept secrets.


Greek Islands destination weddings Syros

Syros island has an aristocratic vibe, gorgeous coastline and hilly towns and villages to enjoy. With plenty of grand Catholic cathedrals to choose, it’s a wonderful place for a traditional wedding.


Greek Islands destination weddings Paros

This destination is becoming even more popular since the construction of a new airport. The island of Antiparos is accessible by a ferry from Paros and is a great choice for a wedding with an alternative edge. Popular with artists and creative, Antiparos has a lovely ambiance and stunning scenario – even Tom Hanks has a house there. The appeal of Paros and Antiparos is simple– they feel like a world away, pretty harbors, fresh white villages and sandy bays with still waters that can’t help but seduce you.


Greek Islands destination weddings Sifnos

For foodies and romantics, you can’t go wrong with Sifnos island. It is home to the dramatically positioned Church Of The Seven Martyrs, which can be reached by a long winding staircase cut through the hillside overlooking the sea. Similarly spectacular is the local cuisine as Sifnos is where Nikolas Tselementes hails from – one of the most influential Greek chefs of modern times. Expect out-of-this-world food and views.


Greek Islands destination weddings Corfu

This touristic island is easy to get to, making it a popular choice for destination weddings in Greece. A wedding here is easy to plan as there are so many fantastic suppliers available. Take your pick from Corfu’s beaches, luxury hotels and private inland villas for a sunny wedding to remember.


Greek Islands destination weddings Zante

Zante may be a popular place to holiday but there are some hidden places that are perfect for a private wedding. The perfect place for a beachside wedding ceremony, there are so many bays and beaches to choose from.


Greek Islands destination weddings Skiathos

With a bustling marina that’s fully charged with yachts, a healthy tourist trade and plenty of pretty villages, towns, and villas, there’s no reason not to marry in the island of Skiathos. The leafy inland forests mean the island is incredibly green – while also sporting lots of beaches. Busy in the summer, Skiathos calms down during the autumn and spring, so an out-of-season wedding would be perfect here.


Greek Islands destination weddings Rhodes

Rhodes is a tourist hotspot but that’s only with good reason – it is truly stunning. Head to Agios Pavlos beach in Lindos (also known as Saint Paul’s beach) for a wedding with a dramatic view of rocks and sea.

Time to choose: pick the best Greek islands for a destination wedding

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About the author: Maria Travlou is owner of Make Happy Memories, an International blog & Event Planning agency specializing in Destination Weddings in Greece. She is based in Athens but travels a lot. Her business motto is “Tailor Made Happiness”. She is in love with beautiful minds, attracted by Greek light and Inspired by architecture. Being a wife and a mother of two has taught her to put love and care in everything she does. Passionate about adding beauty and style to some of life’s most important moments, she likes to think of her work as creative art, the art of Making Happy Memories. 

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