10 Top Mexico Tips for the Belief Retreat

Deciding what items to take with you for the Belief Retreat (and what to leave behind), is an important part of good travel planning. We are a few days away to our meeting in the gorgeous Riviera Maya, and we would like to make your life easier. 🙂

Prepping, packing, and letting go. 

  • Don’t let your packing and baggage stress you out! The Belief Retreat is an amazing opportunity to recharge your soul, make new friends and also give you a moment to learn more about yourself. If you forget something, we will be there to help you. Don’t worry.
  • Dress for comfort and functionality. We won’t have a gala ball, or anything fancy.
  • Our best friends during the retreat will be sunscreen + bug repellant.
  • Leave your gear and props behind. You will have free wifi access, we think your cell phone will be enough.  But you also can take advantage of your time away to really disconnect and focus on your 2018 goals full time. I’m sure people will you understand. 😉
  • Your camera. We will be there to create beautiful experiences and memories! We gonna have an amazing photographer full time with us, but your camera will be very welcome! Don’t forget to share with us your photos after the retreat too.
  • The Secret Jewel Villa is surrounded by nature, we recommend you to leave your heels at home! You will want to pack a casual or cocktail attire for the dinners and parties, but you definitely can wear comfy shoes.
  • We won’t have a color scheme, we want you to be yourself 100% of the time.
  • For the real wedding that we going to have during our retreat, feel free to choose the best outfit that suits your personality. 😉
  • Remember your yoga pants for our yoga class by the beach, if you want to participate.

  • Know the travel documents requirements of Mexico. You can learn more about that here.
  • The money currency is Mexican Pesos, but you can also use US dollars. Learn more about how to convert here.
  • The weather continues to cool down in Riviera Maya when the average is 25C. The perfect weather for our retreat.

Are you excited? We can’t wait to see you there!!

And if you didn’t sign up yet, join us! It will be incredible!

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